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Ladies and Men Earrings
For centuries ladies have been known to adorn their ears with earrings. The right type of earring will dress up your outfit, accent your hairstyle and look very becoming with the shape of your face. We have drop earrings, post earrings, loop earrings, gold, silver, diamonds and pearls etc.

Some of you might be thinking only ladies need to wear accessories such as jewelry, belts, bags to match their outfits, giving them the complete look that they desire. Gone were the days where mens only precious accessories were watches. A new era of men calling themselves metro-sexual, are highly sensitive to the way they look or present themselves. They also have been collecting earrings; either diamond, silver or white gold to match their outfits for different occasions. Thus, earrings are not only ladies best friends but also for men now; so even men can find just what they're looking for at Distinctive Treasures.