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And wouldn't you enjoy doing it?"There would be more than pleasure involved, though. In the city, peuterey jacken your lives have been geared for continual deadly warfare. Now you're faced with the choice of a fairly peaceful future, or staying in the city to fight an unnecessary and foolish war. I offer the third alternative of the occupation you know best, that would let you accomplish something constructive at the same time."Those are the choices. Whatever you decide is up to each of you personally."Before anyone could answer, livid pain circled Jason's throat Skop had regained consciousness and surged up from the floor. He pulled Jason from the chair with a single motion, holding him by the neck, ¡¡throttling him. The bowmen tried to shoot, but held their fire becaus Jason was in the way."Kerk! Meta!" Skop shouted hoarsely. "Grab guns! Open the lod ¡¡-our people'll be here, kill the gucci outlet damn grubbers and their lies!"Jason tore at the fingers that were choking the life out of him, but was like pulling at bent steel bars. "Listen to me," he shouted. "The fight's not over yet. They'll try anything to take this ship back and we have to be ready. I want one of the techs to go over these boards until he finds the lock controls. Make sure all the airlocks and ports are sealed. Send men to check them, if necessary. Turn on all the screens to scan in every direction, so no one can get near the ship. We'll need a guard in the engine room; my control Michael Kors Outlet could be cut if they broke in there. And there had better be a room-by-room search of the ship, in case someone else is locked in with us."The men had something to do now and felt relieved. Plies split them up into groups and set them to work. Jason stayed at the controls, his hand next to the pump switch. The battle wasn't over yet."All passengers board ship. Forty-five seconds to takeoff. Clear the port.". The ship's officer slammed shut the cover of the box and locked it as he talked. There was barely time to make prada handtaschen the acceleration couches before the Pride of Darkkan cleared ground. ¡¡5Once the ship was in orbit, the captain sent for Jason and Kerk. Kerk took the floor and was completely frank about the previous night's activities. The only fact of importance he left out was Jason's background as a professional gambler. He drew a beautiful picture of two lucky strangers whom the evil forces of Cassylia burberry schal wanted to deprive of their gambling profits. All this fitted perfectly the captain's preconceptions of Cassylia. In the end, he congratulated his officer on the correctness of his actions and began the preparation of a long report to his government He gave the two men his best wishes as well as the liberty of the ship.It was a short trip. Jason barely had time to catch louis vuitton outlet up on his sleep before they grounded on Darkhan. Being without luggage, they were the first ones through customs. They left the shed just in time to see another ship landing in a distant pit. Kerk stopped to watch it and Jason followed his gaze. It was a grey, scarred ship. With the stubby lines of a freighter-but sporting as many large guns as a cruiser."Yours, coach outlet store online of course," Jason said.Kerk nodded and started toward the ship. One of the locks opened as they came up but no one appeared. Instead a remote-release folding ladder rattled down to the ground. Kerk swarmed up it and Jason followed glumly. Somehow, he felt, this was overdoing the no-frills-andnonsense attitude.Jason was catching on to Pyrran ways, though. The reception aboard ship for the ambassador was just what he expected. Nothing. Kerk closed the lock himself and they found couches as the takeoff horn sounded. The main jets roared and acceleration smashed down on Jason.It didn't stop. Instead it grew stronger, squeezing the air out of his lungs and the sight from his eyes. He screamed but couldn't hear his own voice through the roaring in his ears. Mercifully he blacked out.
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