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f the girl rear."Piece, Zhang Tong!?"Lie the high Wei that pretends to be dead on the ground, after seeing an incoming michael kors outlets girl face, hardBelieve of surprised shout."Zhang Tong, the person of ground, do you know?"The summer michael kors factory outlet online ice Ning asks question.Attend to truly shoulder of clapping the girl, hurtle her to order encouragement.Zhang Tong Qie Qie saw aThe high Wei of eye ground orders an answer:"Know!""What person is he ?""He is my mathematics teacher, Gao Wei!""Good, that why do you come to report a case!""I, I!"Zhang Tong Da michael kors outlet Dun's is big of breathe heavily spirit, the chest violently rises and falls, is threatenned and bribed the night of the body of seizing a son by Gao Wei to seem again the Shan return to head, the career of evil-foreboding dream sort, sheIs painful of shake a head, the half would don't open mouth."Zhang Tong don't fear!Everything has a police to make decision for you!"The summer ice Ning tightly grasps a Zhang Tong's ice-cold oakley sunglasses sale small hand and give her brave dintMeasure."I am to come to tell his, tell him to carry on to me, carry on strong crafty!"Zhang Tong uses all strength and summons up courage to speak michael kors outlet online those two ugly words, immediately feel the whole body hasing noEnergy, softly nestle in the bosom of the ice Ning in summer, the body shivers tears,such as spring, to flow out.The summer ice Ning taps to keep in mind medium of Zhang Tong, have eyes fixed on a ground top such as dead ash of the high Wei say:"You still have to what rubbish say now!Zhang Tong now still dissatisfied 14 first anniversaries, according to the law of China country, regardless and voluntarily or not, you will be imposed sanction against, much less, according to the police's survey, You once infringed upon of the girl far and far isn't 1 and wait for yours, will definitely be serverest punishment!"The Gao Wei very silly Quan shrinks on the cement ground and dare not believe the matter that takes place at the momentThe feeling, the time in afternoon, still is enjoying in room from ha ha of michael kors factory outlet online wait for Zhang Tong's arrival, well play with the small body of girl's virginity, how have already become prisoner till midnight!?Until drive to set up and river little hero Ye live to drag along into a jail, he michael kors outlet just the confused Si of like wakening from a dream sort roar.It is very long silent to interrogate room inside!"Good!Everythings all ended!"Summer ice NingHug Zhang Tong tightly at embrace in, clap to weep over of girl's comforter.Many thanks to book friend of encouragement, in fact also the understand road still grow, only this book delivers of time basic have noSubsist a draft, every day strongly the Zan draft is a Zan not next!Type speed for an hour 2,000, sad urge very!At stable of the premise come down!Still please support much and michael kors hanbags outlet more!Feel a form todayThe Tai is better, not got up yesterday dizzy dizzy of, wrote more!The words say yesterday to the implicit realistic background in this book, is still a count for much day!Not 053 chapter pains desire livings!!!This matter isn't likely to deceive Zhang Tong's parents, though attend to truly all feel very difficult to open mouth with summer ice Nings, still stiring of difficulties michael kors outlet coupons telephone, notice Zhang Tong's parents arrive to JingBureau.The wwW, the girl's parents, is a spring county neighboring district farmer of village, all of telephones is BE transfered by neighbor's house, the difficult mental exertion makes the daughter of good both in character and scholarship get into the junior high school of county cityRead, but didn't want to fall into prostitute's life a girl!But Zhang Tong stop for the night at the school of identity, undoubtedly provide many conveniences for the activity of high Wei.The parents whom honesty Ba hands over arrive to a county police department,Is already a morning, sky time with bright Meng Meng, a pair farmer about 40 years old walks into a police station."Virgin!Was this the Zha?"Zhang Tong's mother urgently and agitatedly looking at Zhang Tongs, aCome forward to embrace a daughter, looking into of from beginning to end.Zhang Tong's father, the face is r michael kors outlet online