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I smiled. "Indeed we have, Colonel." I added, "But talk is one thing; photos, lists, and affidavits are another. What I'm suggesting is that somehow, perhaps through Ann Campbell herself, some of her lovers learned that General Campbell had had enough and was demanding from his daughter a full accounting of her seductions. Someone may have decided that it was time to get rid of the evidence. To get rid of Ann Campbell."Fowler nodded. "That thought crossed my mind. In fact, I never thought it was a total stranger who killed her. But can you explain to me why someone who wanted to shut her up would kill her that way and draw attention to the sexual nature of the act and louis vuitton factory outlet of the victim?"Good question. I replied, "It may have been a cover to conceal the nature of the act. The perpetrator needed to kill her but added the rape to confuse the investigation. I've had two husbands who murdered their wives that way to make it look like a stranger did it."Fowler commented, "This is your area of expertise, not mine. I see your point, but how many men would actually murder a woman just to shut her up? It's a lot less risky to face a court-martial for actions unbecoming an officer than to face a court-martial for murder.""I agree, Colonel, but then, we're rational men. In the irrational world, one of the prime motivators for homicide is to avoid disgrace and humiliation. Says so in the manual.""Well, again, that's your area of experience, not mine.""But think www.coachoutletonlinestore2013.com about who among Ann Campbell's lovers might consider committing murder to avoid disgrace, divorce, court-martial, and dismissal from the service.""Mr. Brenner, your prime suspect, Colonel Moore, was not involved with her sexually from what I hear. So he had no obvious reason for shutting her up. But he may have had many other reasons for raping her and killing her. So you ought to concentrate on his motivations if that's all that is keeping you from arresting him.""I'm certainly following that avenue as well, Colonel. I like to conduct homicide investigations like infantry and armor commanders conduct a campaign-multiple avenues of advance-a feint, a probing attack, a main thrust, then a breakthrough and encirclement." I added, "Surround 'em and pound 'em."He smiled wryly, as I knew he would, and said, "That's a good way to squander your resources Michael Kors Outlet and to lose the initiative. Go right for the kill, Mr. Brenner, and leave the fancy stuff for the chalkboard in the tactics classroom.""Well, maybe you're right, Colonel." There were no signs that said, "Officers Only," but the place had that air about it, and the rents probably approximated the off-post quarters' allowance for lieutenants and captains. Money aside, there are unwritten rules about where officers may live off post, and thus, Ann Campbell, daughter of a general and good soldier that she was, had not gone to the funky side of town, nor had she opted for the anonymity of a newer high-rise building, which, in this town, is somewhat synonymous with swinging singles. Yet, neither did she live in her parents' huge, government-issue house on post, which suggested that she had a life of her own, prada outlet and I was about to discover something about that life.Cynthia and I looked around. Though the Army workday starts early, there were still a few cars parked in front of the units. Most of them had the blue post bumper stickers signifying an officer's car, and some had the green bumper sticker of a civilian post employee. But mostly, the place looked as deserted as a barracks after morning mess call.I was still wearing the battle dress uniform I'd had on in the armory, and Cynthia was, as I said, in jeans and windbreaker. As we approached the front door of unit forty-five along the row of red brick fa?ades, I said to her, "Are you armed?"She nodded."All right. You wait here. I'll go in through the back. If I flush somebody out the front, you stop them www.guccioutletholidayonline.com right here.""Okay."I made my way around the row of units and came to the back. The rear yard was a common stretch of grass, but each unit had a patio separated from the next by a wooden fence for privacy. On Ann Campbell's patio was the standard barbecue grill and lawn furniture, including a lounge chair on which lay suntan oil and a travel magazine.There were sliding glass doors facing onto the patio, and I was able to see through the vertical blinds into the dining area and part of the living room. There didn't appear to be anyone home. Certainly, Ann Campbell was not home, and I couldn't imagine a general's daughter having a live-in male lover, or even a female roommate, who would compromise her privacy. On the other hand, you never know who's inside a gucci outlet house, and when the subject is murder, you proceed with caution.Where the patio met the back wall of the house was a basement window well, which meant these units had basements, which also meant a tricky descent down an exposed staircase. Maybe I'd send Ms. Gung Ho down there first. In any case, the window well was covered with a Plexiglas bubble that was bolted to the outside wall, so that no one could get out that way.To the right of the sliding doors was a door that opened into the kitchen. There was a buzzer there, and I pushed it. I waited and rang again, then tried the doorknob, which is a good idea before breaking and entering."Perhaps we can discuss it in Falls Church.""Hey, don't threaten me.""Look, Colonel, I'm the investigating officer in a homicide case. www.coachfactory-outlet2013.com You may feel that you're under some social and professional restraints, but you're not. Your duty is to answer my questions."Kent did not seem happy, but at the same time, he seemed relieved to be told in no uncertain terms that he had to unburden himself. He walked off toward the center of the hangar, and we followed him. He said, "Okay. General Campbell disapproved of his daughter's choice of military occupation specialty, her choice of men, her decision to live off post, her associations with people like Charles Moore, and probably a half dozen other things that I'm not privy to."Cynthia asked, "Wasn't he proud of her?""I don't think so.""The Army was proud of her," Cynthia pointed out.Kent replied, "The Army had about as much choice in the matter as General Campbell did. Ann Campbell had one www.peutereykleidung.de hand on her father's balls and the other on the Army's balls, to be quite blunt."Cynthia asked him, "What does that mean?""That means that, as a woman, a general's daughter, a West Pointer, and a nearly public figure, she got away with a lot. She wangled her way into that recruiting stuff before her father knew what was happening, and all of a sudden she's got the power of public notoriety, doing radio and TV, and addressing colleges and women's groups, pushing an Army career for women and all that. Everyone loved her. But she didn't give a damn about the Army. She just wanted to become untouchable."Cynthia asked him, "Why?""Well, as much as the general disapproved of her, she hated his guts ten times more. She did everything she could to personally embarrass him, and there wasn't louis vuitton online shop much he could do to her without screwing up his own career.""My goodness," I said, "that's interesting information. You must have forgotten to tell us that as you were agonizing over how to break the news to the general."Kent glanced around him, then said in a soft voice, "That's between us. Officially, they loved each other." He hesitated, then said, "To tell you the truth, General Campbell may have disapproved of this or that, but he didn't hate her." He added, "Look, this is all hearsay, but I'm passing it on to you in confidence, so you know burberry online shop what the hell is going on here. You didn't hear it from me, but you can follow up on it."I nodded, "Thanks, Bill. Anything else?""No."But of course there was. "Who," I asked, "were these men that the general disapproved of, aside from Colonel Moore?""I don't know.""Was Wes Yardley one of them?"He looked at me a long time, then nodded. "I think so.""Was Wes Yardley the man she had an altercation with in Midland?""Possibly.""Why did she want to embarrass her father?"
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