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"That's correct.""So, after all these years, when this heartache, misery, and anger are about to come to a head, one or both of you was too busy to talk about it.""It was Ann herself who decided not to discuss it with me. We did, however, decide to meet after she'd spoken to her father. In fact, we were to meet burberry bags yesterday afternoon."Cynthia said, "I don't believe you, Colonel. I think there is a connection between the general's ultimatum and what happened to her, and you know what that connection is."Colonel Moore stood. "I will not be called a liar." Cynthia stood also and they glared at each other. Cynthia said, "We already know you're a liar."Which was true. We knew that Moore had been on rifle range six with Ann Campbell, and I think Moore now realized we knew this. How else could we get away with abusing a full colonel? But we were about half a step over the threshold now, and that was far enough. I stood also. "Thank you for your time, Colonel. Don't bother to complain to Colonel Kent about us. One all-inclusive complaint is good enough for a week or so." I added, "I'm posting an MP at your door, sir, and if you attempt to shred any papers or carry anything out www.burberryscarfsaleonline.com of here with you, you'll be placed under restraint and confined to post."The man was shaking now, but I couldn't tell if it was from fright or rage, and I didn't care. He said, "I'm going to bring formal charges against both of you.""I really wouldn't do that if I were you. We are your last best hope to avoid a noose-or is it a firing squad? I have to check. They just don't execute enough people for me to remember how they do it. But anyway, don't piss me off. You know what I'm talking about. Good day, Colonel."And we left him standing there, contemplating his options, which definitely didn't include pissing me off.But Ms. Sunhill and I took a precautionary move to ensure that anything in the house of an unmarried, attractive female officer that would be embarrassing to her family or the Army did not wind up as a public amusement. Actions speak louder than www.airjordansshoespay.com words, and that's the only assurance I can give you."Again, he nodded, then said quite unexpectedly, "I'm very pleased with both of you. I've checked you both out, and you come to us with the highest recommendations. It's our privilege to have you assigned to this case."I lifted my feet because the bullshit was getting higher, but I replied, "That's very good of you to say that."He poured us more coffee and said, "So you have a prime suspect. Colonel Moore.""That's correct.""Why is he a suspect?""Because," I replied, "there is forensic evidence that he was at the scene of the crime.""I see ... but no evidence that he actually murdered her?""No. It's possible that he was there earlier or later than the time of the crime.""But you have no evidence that anyone else was there.""No conclusive evidence.""Then doesn't that leave him as the most likely suspect?""As of now.""If he doesn't confess, will you charge him?""I can only recommend www.burberryoutletsale2013.com in a case like this. The final decision as to charges will undoubtedly be made in Washington.""It seems to me that your report and recommendation will be the deciding factor.""It should be the only factor, considering that no one else has a clue to what happened." I added, "I must tell you, sir, that these rumors linking Ann Campbell to certain officers on post may or may not include people such as the staff judge advocate, and others who may not be as objective or impartial as they should be in this matter. I hate to be the one to sow seeds of mistrust, but I'm only advising you of what I've heard.""Heard from whom?""I can't say. But it came from a good source, and I suspect you know how widespread this problem is. I don't think you can clean your own house here, Colonel. Your broom is dirty. But perhaps Ms. Sunhill and I can."He nodded. "Well, burberry sale on that subject, I was speaking to General Campbell when you arrived. There's been a new development."Uh-oh. I don't like new developments. "Yes?""The Justice Department, in a meeting with your superior, Colonel Hellmann, and the Army judge advocate general and other interested parties, has decided to assign the FBI to this case."Oh, shit. I said to Colonel Fowler, "Well, then, the damage control is out of my hands. You and everyone else who wears a green uniform should know that.""Yes. Some people are upset. Not everyone in the Pentagon knows how much damage control is necessary, so they caved in to these demands without cheap air jordans outlet a good fight. But they did get a compromise."Neither Cynthia nor I bothered to ask what it was, but Colonel Fowler informed us, "You two are to remain on the case until noon tomorrow. If, after that time, you haven't made an arrest and recommended charges, you will be relieved of your investigative duties. Though you will remain available to the FBI for consultation.""I see.""A task force is assembling right now in Atlanta consisting of FBI personnel, a team from the Judge Advocate General's Office, the Attorney General's Office, and senior officers from your own CID in Falls Church.""Well, I hope the SOBs all have to stay in the VOQ." Colonel Fowler forced a smile. "We don't want this, of course, and I suspect you don't, either. But if you think about it, it was inevitable."Cynthia said, "Colonel, Army captains are not murdered every day, but this sounds like overkill, and sounds more like PR than good police science.""That point was raised. The reality, however, is that it was a female, she was raped, and it was General Campbell's daughter." He added, "There is equal justice for all, but some people get more of it."I said, "I realize you have nothing to do with this decision, Colonel, but you ought to discuss Nike Free Run this with General Campbell and see if he can get this decision reversed or at least modified.""I did. That's how we got the compromise. As of about 2300 hours last night, you and Ms. Sunhill were relieved. General Campbell and Colonel Hellmann bought you some time. They thought you were very close to an arrest. So perhaps if you have good evidence and strong suspicions regarding Colonel Moore, you'll make that arrest. You have our permission to do so if you feel you need that.""No picnic areas?""Not that I recall. There's also an old ranger camp in there, a mock European town for urban warfare, and a mock Vietnamese village where I got killed about six times.""You must have learned your lesson.""Apparently. There's also a mock POW camp, which the Psy-Ops School has taken over. That's still active, and it's a restricted area.""I see." She thought a moment, then said, "So, with all that space out there, a nike free run hundred thousand acres, tell me why Ann Campbell picked a spot on an active rifle range, fifty meters from the road, with guard trucks, MPs, and a guard post a kilometer away.""Well, I thought about that, and three things come to mind. First, the obvious thing is that she was just going about her duties and got jumped. She didn't pick the spot. He did. That's what everybody here thinks, but we're not buying that.""No, we're not. So if she picked the spot, she picked a spot that her partner could find easily, because unless you were a good ranger or something, you could miss a rendezvous out in the deep woods.""That's correct. That was my second thought. The guy was not comfortable or familiar with the woods at night." I said, "Here's your turn for Jordan Field.""I see it." She made the right onto the airfield road and asked me, "Your third thought?""Well, Ann Campbell picked what nike free run womens amounted to a nearly public place because it presented an element of danger. Part of the kick, and maybe, just maybe, an element of 'let's see what I can get away with on Daddy's property.' " I looked at Cynthia, who was nodding.Cynthia said, "You may have something there, Paul. Pushing it in Daddy's face.""Yes. But that's supposing that Ann and Daddy seriously did not like each other," I pointed out."You suggested that when we were searching her house.""Right. But I don't know why I thought that. It's just that I thought it can't be easy to be the child of a powerful man, to live in his shadow. It's a common syndrome."
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