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Along another short path between two more small paddocks we came to another small stable yard, this time of only six boxes, with feed room, tack room, hay and peat storage alongside."Stallions," Oliver Knowles said.Three heads almost immediately appeared over the half-doors, three sets of dark liquid eyes turning inquisitively our way."Rotaboy," my host said, walking to the first head and producing a carrot unexpectedly. The black mobile lips whiffled over the outstretched palm and sucked the goodie in: strong teeth crunched a few times and Rotaboy nudged Oliver Knowles for a second helping. Oliver Knowles produced another carrot, held it out as before, and briefly patted the horse's neck."He'll be twenty next year," he said. "Getting old, eh, old fella?"He walked along to the next box and repeated the carrot routine. "This one is Diarist, rising sixteen."By the third box he said, "This is Parakeet," and delivered the treats and the pat. "Parakeet turns twelve on January first."He stood a little away from the horse so that prada outlet he could see all three heads at once and said, "Rotaboy has been an outstanding stallion and still is, but one can't realistically expect more than another one or two seasons. Diarist is successful, with large numbers of winners among his progeny, but none of them absolutely top rank like those of Rotaboy. Parakeet hasn't proved as successful as I'd hoped. He turns out to breed better stayers than sprinters, and the world is mad nowadays for very fast two-year-olds. Parakeet's progeny tend to be better at three, four, five and six. Some of prada outlets his first crops are now steeplechasing and jumping pretty well."He moved across the pavement with stunning speed, the stab already on its upward travel.I jumped almost without thinking; certainly without assessing consequences or chances. Most unbankerlike behavior.The steel was almost in Calder's stomach when I deflected it. I hit the boy's arm with my body in a sort of flying tackle and in a flashing view saw the weave of Calder's trousers, the polish on his shoes, the litter on the pavement. The boy fell beneath me and I thought in horror that somewhere gucci outlet online between our bodies he still held that wicked blade.He writhed under me, all muscle and fury, and tried to heave me off. He was lying on his back, his face just under mine, his eyes like slits and his teeth showing between drawn-back lips. I had an impression of dark eyebrows and white skin and I could hear the breath hissing between his teeth in a tempest of effort.Both of his hands were under my chest and I could feel him trying to get space enough to up-end the knife. I pressed down onto him solidly with all my weight and in my mind I was saying "Don't do it, don't do it, you bloody fool"; and I was saying it for his sake, which seemed crazy to me at the time and even crazier in retrospect. He was trying to do me great harm and all I thought about was the trouble he'd be in if he succeeded.We were both panting but I was taller and stronger and I could have held him there for a good while longer but for the two policemen who had been out on the road directing traffic. They had seen the melee; seen as they supposed a man in morning dress attacking a pedestrian, seen us struggling on the ground. In any case the first I knew of their presence was the feel ofviselike hands fastening onto my arms and pulling me backwards.I resisted with all my might. I didn't know they were policemen. I had eyes only for the boy: his eyes, his hands, his knife.With peremptory strength they hauled me off, one of them anchoring my upper arms to my sides by encircling prada bag me from behind. "Hang around."It took two days even with her help to check through all the resulting paper and by the end I couldn't spot any companies there that had no known physical existence, though short of actually tramping to all the addresses and making an on-the-spot inquiry, one couldn't be sure.Henry, however, was against the expenditure of time. "We'll just be more vigilant," he said. "Design some more safeguards, more tracking devices. Could you do that, Tim?""I could, with that programmer's help.""Right. Get on with it. Let us know."I wondered aloud to prada outlet online Patty whether someone in her own department, not one of the managers, could set up such a fraud, but once she'd got over her instinctive indignation she shook her head."Who would bother? It would be much simpler ... in fact it's almost dead easy ... to feed in a mythical firm who has lent us money, and to whom we are paying interest. Then the computer goes on sending out interest checks forever, and all the crook has to do is cash them."Henry, however, said we had already taken advice on that one, and louis vuitton online outlet the "easy" route had been plugged by systematic checks by the auditors.The paper-induced rumpus again gradually died down and became undiscussed if not forgotten. Life in our plot went on much as before with Rupert slowly recovering.
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