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His fur clean and dry and fluffy, he sat on the bed and watched Pappy Vic change clothes. It louis vuitton online shop was amazing the way the Big Ones could change their outer skins; must be very convenient. He made remarks, from time to time, and Grego carried on a conversation with him.After he had dressed, Grego recorded a message for the houseboy, to be passed on to the chef and the gardener, to get everything to Nifflheim out of that back room that didn't belong there, and to keep what little did in some kind of decent order. If that place could be kept in order, now, the Fuzzy had one positive accomplishment to his credit.They took the lift down to the top executive level-lifts appeared to be a new experience for the Fuzzy, too-and into his private office. The Fuzzy looked around in wonder, especially at the big globe of Zarathustra, floating six feet off the floor on its own built-in contragravity unit, spotlighted from above to simulate Zarathustra's KO-class sun, its two satellites circling around it. Finally, for a better view, he jumped up on a chair."If I had any idea you'd stay there... " He flipped the screen switch and got Myra on it. "I had a few things to clean up before I could come down," he told her, louis vuitton taschen online shop with literal truthfulness. "How many girls have we in the front office, this morning?" ¡¡ Dunbar's eyes widened. He'd heard about the chemical nymphomania of titanium, too."Sure; that's what they'd use, there. And at Argentine Syntho-Foods, too. Listen, suppose I give the police an emergency-call request; they could find Joe in half an hour.""Don't bother; tomorrow morning's good enough. I want to try something first."He blanked the screen, and called Myra Fallada. She never left the office before he did."Myra; call out and get me five pounds of pure wheat farina, and be sure it's made from Zarathustran wheat. Have it sent up to my apartment, fifteen minutes ago.""Fifteen minutes from now do?" she asked. "What's it for; the Little Monster? All right, Mr. Grego."He forgot about the drink he was going to have with Mr. Victor Grego. You louis vuitton outlet online had a drink when the work was done, and there was still work to do. THERE WAS CLATTERING in the kitchenette when Sandra Glenn brought Diamond into the Fuzzy-room. She opened the door between and looked through, and Diamond crowded past her knees for a look, too. Mr. Grego was cooking something, in a battered old stew pan she had never seen around the place before. He looked over his shoulder and said, "Hi, Sandra. Heyo, Diamond; use Fuzzyphone, Pappy Vic no get ear-thing.""What make do, Pappy Vic?" Diamond asked. ¡¡¡¡Rising, he went out to what had been his kitchen before it had been crammed with supplies. There were plenty of chopper-diggers; he'd had a couple of hundred made up before he left Mallorysport. Shoulder-bags were in shorter supply. They were all either Navy black or Marine Corps green, first-aid pouches and tool-kit pouches and belt pouches for submachine gun and auto-rifle magazines, all fitted with shoulder straps. He hung five of them over his arm, then unlocked a cupboard and got out two rectangular tins with blue labels marked EMERGENCY FIELD RATION, EXTRATERRESTRIAL SERVICE TYPE THREE. All Fuzzies were crazy about Extee-Three, which demonstrated that, while sapient beings, they were definitely not human. Only a completely starving human would eat the damn stuff.When he returned, the five newcomers were squatting in a circle inside the door with Little Fuzzy, examining his steel weapon and comparing it with the paddle-shaped hardwood sticks they had made for themselves. The word zatku was being frequently used.It was an important word to Fuzzies, their name for a big pseudo-crustacean Terrans louis vuitton online outlet called a land-prawn.¡¡They got the Fuzzies off and into the building, helped by the small crowd who were waiting for them. Mrs. Pendarvis; she and the Chief Justice's wife were old friends. And a tall, red haired girl, Grego's Fuzzy-sitter, Sandra Glenn. And Ahmed Khadra, in a new suit of civvies but bulging slightly under the left arm. And half a dozen other people whom she had met now and then-school department and company public health section. And Ernst Mallin, pompous and black-suited and pedantic-looking. I must be very nice... She extended a hand to him."Good afternoon, Dr. Mallin."Maybe Gerd was right; maybe she did feel guilty about the way she'd tricked him. She was, she found, being counter-offensively defensive."Good afternoon, Ruth. Dr. van Riebeek," he corrected himself. "Can you bring your people down this way?" he asked, nodding to the hundred and fifty Fuzzies milling about in the hall, yeeking excitedly. People, he called them. He must be making an effort, too. "We have refreshments for them. Extee-Three. And things for them to play with.""Where do you get the Extee-Three?" she asked. "We haven't been able to get any for almost a week, now." ¡¡¡¡He looked down at the Zarathustran billige louis vuitton handtaschen native whose affairs he had been commissioned to administer. He was an erect biped, two feet tall, with a wide-eyed humanoid face, his body covered with soft golden fur. He wore a green canvas pouch lettered TFMC, and a two-inch silver disc on a chain about his neck, and nothing else. The disc was lettered LITTLE FUZZY, and Jack Holloway, Cold Creek Valley, Beta Continent, and the numeral 1. He was the first Zarathustra aborigine he or any other Terran human had ever seen.He reached down and stroked his small friend's head."Hello, Little Fuzzy. You want to visit with Pappy Jack for a while?"Little Fuzzy pointed to the open door. Five other Fuzzies were peeping bashfully into the room, making comments among themselves."Fuzzee no shu do-bizzo do-mitto zat-hakko," Little Fuzzy informed him. "Heeva so si domitto."Some Fuzzies who hadn't been here before had just come; they wanted to stay. At least, that was what he thought Little Fuzzy was saying; it had only been ten days since he had known that Fuzzies could talk at all. He pressed a button to start the audiovisual recorder; it was adjusted to transform their ultrasonic voices to audible frequencies. ¡¡
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