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¡¡"What do you think, Bob?""You'll have to take care of it, Marjory, and that will be a lot of work. You'll have to feed it, and give it baths, and... ""Oh, I will; I'll do anything, just if I can have one. And people mustn't call Fuzzies 'it,' Daddy; Fuzzies are people, too, like us. You didn't call me 'it,' when I was a little baby, did you?""I'm afraid your father louis vuitton outlet online did, my dear. Just at first. And you'll have to study and learn the language, so you can talk to the Fuzzy, because Fuzzies don't speak Lingua Terra. You know, Bob, I think I'd enjoy having a Fuzzy around, myself.""You know, I believe I would, too. Well, let's get around to this adoption bureau the first thing tomorrow..." CHAPTER ELEVEN THEY WERE HAVING a party at the Pendarvis home. Jack Holloway sat on his heels on the floor, smoking his pipe and interpreting, while the judge and his wife, in a low easy-chair and on a drum-shaped hassock respectively, were getting acquainted with the guests of honor, the two Fuzzies Juan Jimenez had brought in from Beta Continent that evening. Gus Brannhard, who had come along from Government House, was sprawled in one of the larger chairs, chuckling in his beard. Juan Jimenez and Ahmed Khadra had removed their hearing aids and carried their drinks to the other side of the room, where they were talking about Jimenez's visit, with a couple of George Lunt's troopers, to the site of his former camp."They were back, after we left," Jimenez was saying.Inside, grow big. Come out this side, big like Hagga-talk," he said, holding the device to his mouth."That good, Diamond. Good-good," he commended. "What do you think of this, Ben?"Rainsford squatted in front of his own Fuzzies, holding out a hand. "So-pokko-aki, Flora," he said, and the Fuzzy handed him hers, first saying, "Keffu, Pappy Ben; do' brek.""I won't." Rainsford looked at it curiously, and handed it back. "That thing's good. Little switch on the grip, and it looks as though the frequency transformer's in the middle and they can talk into either side of it."It would have to work that way; Fuzzies were ambidextrous. Gerd had a theory about that. Fuzzies weren't anatomists, mainly because they didn't produce fire and didn't cut up the small animals louis vuitton online shop they killed for cooking, and only races who had learned the location and importance of the heart fought with their hearts turned away from the enemy. Homo sapiens terra's ancestors in the same culture-stage were probably ambidextrous too. Like most of Gerd's theories, it made sense."Who makes these things?" he asked. "Stenson?""He made these, in his shop. The CZC electronics equipment plant is going to manufacture them," the girl said, adding: "Advertisement.""You tell Mr. Grego to tell his electronics plant to get cracking on them. The Native Affairs Commission wants a lot of them.""You staying for dinner with us, Miss Glenn?" Rainsford asked. Dr. Jan Christiaan Hoenveld said, "Hunnh!" ungraciously. Flattered, and didn't want to show it."Well, I'll do what I can, Mr. Grego... " CHAPTER FIFTEEN I MUST BE very nice to Dr. Ernst Mallin. I must be very nice to Dr. Ernst Mallin. I must be... Ruth van Riebeek repeated it silently, as though writing it a hundred times on a mental blackboard, as an airboat lost altitude and came slanting down across the city, past the high crag of Company House, with the lower, broader, butte of Central Courts Building in the distance to the left. Ahead, the sanatorium area drew closer, wide parklands scattered with low white buildings. She hadn't seen Mallin since the trial, and even then she had avoided speaking to him as much as possible. Part of it was because of the things he www.louisvuittonoutletonlineholiday.com had done with the four Fuzzies; Pancho Ybarra said she also had a guilt-complex because of the way she'd fifth columned the company. Rubbish! That had been intelligence work; that had been why she'd taken a job with the CZC in the first place. She had nothing at all to feel guilty about..."I must be very nice to Dr. Ernst Mallin," she said, aloud. "And I'm going to have one Nifflheim of a time doing it.""So am I," her husband, standing beside her, said. "He'll have to make an effort to be nice to us, too. He'll still remember my pistol shoved into his back out at Holloway's the day Goldilocks was killed. I wonder if he knows how little it would have taken to make me squeeze the trigger." ¡¡¡¡"Have Steefer's men found out anything yet?""Not that he's reported. I'm going to talk to him shortly. The way things are, he's spread out pretty thin.""It would help a lot if we could explain that. Would you be willing to make a veridicated statement of what you know?""With adequate safeguards. Not for anybody to pump me about business matters.""Naturally. How about Mallin and Jimenez?""They will if they want to keep on working for the company." It surprised him that Coombes would even ask such a question. "You think it's necessary?""I think it very advisable. Rainsford will certainly oppose your application; possibly Holloway. How about getting a statement from the Fuzzy?""Mallin and I www.billigevuittononlineshop.de tried, last evening. I don't know any of the language, and he only has a few tapes he got from Lieutenant Ybarra at the time of the trial. We have hearing aids, now. It's a hell of a language; sounds like Old Terran Japanese more than anything else. The Fuzzy was trying to tell us something, but we couldn't make out what. We have it all on tape."And we showed him audiovisual portraits of those two Survey rangers who were helping Jimenez. He made both of them; I doubt if he likes them very much. We're looking for them. We are also looking for a Company scout car that vanished along with them.""Vehicle theft's a felony; that will do to hold and interrogate them on," Coombes mentioned. "Well, shall I see you for cocktails?""Yes. You'd better call me, say every half-hour. If Rainsford gets nasty about this, I may need you before then."After that, he called Chief Steefer. Steefer greeted him with:"Mr. Grego, how red is my face?""Not noticeably so. Should it be?"Steefer swore. "Mr. Grego, I want your authorization to make an inch-by-inch search of this whole building.""Good God, Harry!" He was thinking of how many millions on millions of inches that was. "Have you found something?" ¡¡"You put him to work on it. Or get Victor Grego to; he won't throw Grego out of his lab. Chris is sore enough about this Fuzzy business as it is.""Well, we'll have to louis vuitton online shop study more than one fetus. We have a hundred and fifty Fuzzies here, we ought to find something out... ""Isolate all the pregnant females; get Mrs. Pendarvis to withhold them from adoption... ""... may have to perform a few abortions... ""... microsurgery; fertilized ova... "That wasn't what he and Ruth and Jack Holloway had had in mind, when they'd brought this lot to Mallorysport. But they had to find out; if they didn't, in a few more generations there might be no more Fuzzies at all. If a few of them suffered, now...Well, hadn't poor Goldilocks had to be killed before the Fuzzies were recognized for the people they were? ¡¡
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