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wife Merina Lou, had driven him invited If he would not come, you say that I am a circus Lang Del wife you say give him a place name: Abbas Barr wow. 'note children that she wrote, Abbas Barre wow she said, if he is the man I know, met with place names he must come. " "To come," said Holmes. "Well, Mrs. Merina Lou and I should talk to Dr. Watson to talk about, which is to be carried out to lunch time. Around three o'clock we can to your house." Our customers just like duck twist out - there is no other verb can describe her actions - Sherlock Holmes jumped to drill into the corner of the room that a lot of excerpt books to rummage. Within a few minutes only to hear the to see turned sheet swish, and later heard he grunted with satisfaction, was originally found. He was very excited, and are too busy to stand up, but like a strange Buddha sitting on the floor, legs crossed, four big book piled around, stood a lap. "This case was made me a headache, Watson. Where marginalia proof. I admit that I can not solve the case, but I am sure that the coroner is wrong, you do not remember that Abbas Barr wow tragedy of it? " "Do not remember, Sherlock Holmes." "And you were with me to go, but my personal impression is very shallow because there is no clear conclusion, the other parties did not ask me to help you willing to look at the records?" "You talk about the point right?" I was surprised shouted "This is a different name starts with the letters of John Gary Deb, lawyers, Kansas State Moore Virgin." Holmes a look at the business card and smile. "I think you have to find out the job, Watson," he said, "the louis vuitton 2013 plan within, but I had no idea that he would come this morning. But in any event, he could've told us many I need to know something. " Little while, he entered the room. Lawyer John Mr. Gary Deb is a tall, strong, powerful, a round, good color, shave and clean the face, like many American affairs home has characteristics that. This is what I want to tell you not to listen to his rhetoric, his stomach worse things I go.! Do not leave me! him to come. " The guests looked at the watch, fear and ran toward the door and ran out. "You see this thing this thing!" Holmes said after a pause child "Mr. Gibson seems to have a very loyal family, but the warning is still useful. Now and so I came." Entire eleven o'clock, we heard the heavy sound of footsteps on the stairs, who made famous the millionaire to be let into the house. That is a considerable house, the dozens called different vocational training of young students, there are a few teachers. Tolstoy Hurst is a famous Cambridge University rowing athletes at a young age, but also the best students of the Almighty. Since I moved to seaside, he and I have been good, I only can without inviting friends to visit each other in the evening. At the end louis vuitton online shop of July 1904 2007, scraping a big sea breeze from the Straits to the coast, seawater alluvial cliffs end, low tide after leaving a lake. "You have to see to believe it." He said, handing me the letter. The first letter he has just read that address. I read: Mr. Holmes: My lawyer about my contact with you, but my question is too sensitive, I do not know we talk about we go. I on behalf of a friend to talk about his thing. The gentleman end up married five years ago, and a Peruvian lady, she was a daughter of a Peruvian commercial home, my friend met her in the process of management of imports of nitric acid. She was beautiful, but different nationality and religion always caused emotional and diaphragm between couples. The result, after some time, his feelings for her might cool down, he may think that this marriage is a mistake. louis vuitton taschen
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