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"Cry," she said."Mama, I am asha-""It is good to cry. Your father used to cry sometimes. It is not a sin for a man to cry.""Mama, Mama, please, you don't understan'...""I understand that you are my son," Mrs. Gomez said with simple logic. "I understand that you are good, and that those who wish to harm you are bad. It is not for the bad ones to rule the streets, Alfredo. You say you must go to eleven o'clock mass, the way you always do. You say you must go, even though they will hurt you. This I do not understand."He sat up again, and the words sprang from his lips like a scream."I cann turkey out!""You can't ... turkey out?" she asked, puzzled. "What's the matter billige louis vuitton handtaschen with Pepe?" Zip asked. "He made you guys look like a bunch of monkeys yesterday." He grinned suddenly. "How many cops did he ambush? Four? Five? Man, he made you look sick." He turned to Jeff. "They walked into the apartment, and in ten seconds he had their guns and was on his his merry way. They're lucky he didn't shoot them, just for kicks.""Big hero, huh?" Parker said. "He eludes the law, so you make him...""I ain't making him nothing. It only seems to me that you big detective masterminds should have got him by now, that's all. Don't you think so?""We'll get him," Parker said. "Especially if he came back to this neighborhood." "Well, just so long as you're sure. Was there any word on Miranda back at the squad?""Not when I left, no.""You know," Luis said thoughtfully, "I think maybe Frankie's right. I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, Andy. Don't think that. But this boy could be hurt by such treatment. What I mean ... well ... on the island, it was not this way.""Juvenile gangs ain't a problem in Puerto Rico," Parker said flatly."No, of course not, but that's not what louis vuitton outlet I meant. There just seemed to be ... I don't know ... more respect there.""For what? For siestas?" Parker asked, and he burst out laughing."Well, now you're making it a joke," Luis said, embarrassed. "You pre- oh." He paused. "So you were in there...""Getting things ready for when they open," the girl said, nodding."Oh." He paused again. "And all that business about price...""I was fooling you.""Oh. Well, I'm sorry.""That's all right. I'm sorry I fooled you.""Oh, that's all right." He studied her soberly. "You're still very pretty.""Thank you.""Do you ... do you have to run off?""I have to get dressed. I'm going to church.""I'll go with you," he said quickly."Are you Catholic?""Presbyterian. I'll go with you anyway. I've gone to all kinds of religious services in the Navy. I'm something of an expert. You see, louis vuitton 2013 I do it to get out of work parties. Whenever I'm on a work party and they announce like, 'All people of the Jewish faith, prepare to leave the ship for religious services,' I all of a sudden become a person of the Jewish faith. I'm just sorry there aren't less work parties and more religions."The girl shook her head. "I would feel funny." And then the bells started again, ringing out on the still July air, calling the flock to Mass, reaching into the streets and into the open windows, summoning the congregation, summoning Alfredo Gomez to whatever waited for him on the church steps."That's it," Zip said tightly. He reached beneath his jacket and, one by one, began pulling the weapons from where they were tucked into his belt. Jeff, in the luncheonette, turned at the sound of the church bells, thinking of China, a smile on his face.
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