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"You pre- oh." He paused. "So you were in there...""Getting things ready for when they open," the girl said, nodding."Oh." He paused again. "And all that business about price...""I was fooling you.""Oh. Well, I'm sorry.""That's all right. I'm sorry louis vuitton online shop I fooled you.""Oh, that's all right." He studied her soberly. "You're still very pretty.""Thank you.""Do you ... do you have to run off?""I have to get dressed. I'm going to church.""I'll go with you," he said quickly."Are you Catholic?""Presbyterian. I'll go with you anyway. I've gone to all kinds of religious services in the Navy. I'm something of an expert. You see, I do it to get out of work parties. Whenever I'm on a work party and they announce like, 'All people of the Jewish faith, prepare to leave the ship for religious services,' I all of a sudden become a person of the Jewish faith. I'm just sorry there aren't less work parties and more religions."The girl shook her head. "I would feel funny." "Sure, when you get him.""We'll get him. He's here someplace, that's for sure. Once we find out where, goodbye Miranda. One less hero in the neighborhood." He took a long draw at his coffee, finishing it. Putting down the cup, he said, "That was good coffee, Luis. Luis makes the best damn cup of coffee in the city.""Sure, sure.""He thinks I'm kidding him. Even if I didn't like you, Luis, I'd still come here to drink your coffee, you know that?""It's good having a cop for a steady customer. It keeps trouble away.""And there's plenty of that around here," Parker said."Well, you don't die from being bored around here," Luis said, grinning. I cann be afray, Mama. I cann be turkey. You don' understan'. This is not somethin' you understan'. Please. Let me do what I got to do."His mother stood by the bed, staring at him,'staring at her son as if somehow she did not know him any longer, as if somehow the infant she louis vuitton 2013 had held to her breast, the infant who had sucked of her milk was no longer someone she knew. His face, his language, even his eyes seemed distant and strange. She studied him as if trying to force the reconstruction of an earlier bond through the power of her eyes alone.At last she said, "I have gone to the police.""What!" he shouted."Si.""Why did you do that? You think the police will care abou' me? About Alfredo Gomez? The police are no good. Don' you know the police here in this neighborhood?""There are good police and bad police. I have gone to Frankie Hernandez." "Yes?""I don't even know your name!""What?""Your name," he shouted. "What's your name?""Oh," the girl said, and she giggled."Well, what is it?""China!" she called back, and then she ran up the street.7Heat is a strange thing.Like love, it can drive men to opposite extremes. Like love, it can be a persistently nagging thing, relentless, unwilling to budge, until one day it explodes in wild passion. "I hit him with the hatchet because it was hot." That is an explanation, a reason, and an excuse. It was hot. Everything is contained in those three words. It was hot, and so I was not responsible for my actions, I only knew that it was hot, that I was suffocating all day long, louis vuitton outlet that I could hardly breathe, there was no air, it was hot, and he said to me, "This coffee is too strong," and so I hit him with the hatchet. "It's a hell of a lot different from the island, ain't it?""Oh, yes, yes.""I was down there for a week once, had to bring back this punk who skipped the city after holding up a jewelry store on South Fourth. That's the life, all right. Lay in the sun all day long, suck sugar cane, go fishing. And at night..." He winked at Luis. "There's no holding down the Puerto Rican men at night, eh, Luis?""Andy, for a man who's a man ... the nights are the same any place, no?""Oh, brother, watch out for this guy!"
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