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"He's a year now," she said. "We took the girl over first. His sister. Alfredo we left with his grandmother in San Juan. A year ago, we could afford to bring him here, too.""Where's the girl now? Your daughter?""She .belongs to the Girl Scouts. Today, they went on a picnic. Honeyside Beach, you know that?""Yes," Hernandez said. "You like this city, Alfredo?""Sure. I come from La Perla, thass where my gran'mudder lives. La Perla, thass a big fanguito in San Juan. A slom, you know? Shacks.""I know La Perla."When he was a boy, he had done his homework in the parlor, stretched out on the floor. There had been no television in those days. In those days, the "William Tell Overture" had announced the arrival of the Lone Ranger. In those days, there was Omar the Mystic, and The Witch's Tale, and Renfrew of the Mounted, and, of course, on Sundays - the Shadow. He had grown up with the idea that Lament Cranston was the www.billigevuittononlineshop.de most glorious name in the entire world. He now laughed whenever anyone mentioned it and yet, despite his sophisticated laughter, the name still touched a core of envy and awe somewhere deep within him. The other boy was nine. He wore khaki shorts and a short-sleeved blue sports shirt. An Army sergeant's stripes had been sewn to the left sleeve of the shirt. He moved his feet constantly, as if trying to erase chalk from the sidewalk."These the kids?" Zip asked Cooch."Yeah," Cooch said.Zip looked at the one with the snotty nose. "What's your name, kid?""Chico.""And yours?" he said to the other boy."Estaban," the boy answered, his feet erasing invisible chalk."Did Cooch explain the picture to you?""Si," Chico said."You and Estaban, one on each side of the church steps. You keep the pieces under your shirts until we get on the scene. Then you give them to us and hang around until we blast. We give you back the pieces when it's all over, and you cut out. You got that?""Si, yo comprendo," Chico said.For the others who watched, there was only curiosity. A man was trapped in an apartment. The other men wanted to get him out of that apartment. This was a baseball game. There were no good guys or bad guys, only two teams which were trying to win. At the moment, Miranda's team seemed to have scored the first run. louis vuitton online shop The cry of "Lieutenant! Lieutenant!" which had come from the hallway of the tenement was followed almost immediately by the sight of the man who'd shouted the words. He was a police sergeant, and he had a patrolman's arm draped over his shoulder as he dragged him into the street. The patrolman had been shot. The blood on his blue shirt was plainly visible even to the people who crowded the edges of the rooftops. The sergeant carried the man out and put him on the ground beside the radio motor patrol car. The cop inside the car immediately picked up the hand microphone and requested an ambulance. The crowd watched all this with the eyes of prophets who are noting an interesting development, but who are aware that the final outcome will have little or nothing to do with this minor incident. Miranda had shot one of the cops. That was interesting. But the fireworks were yet to come. Patiently, they awaited louis vuitton outlet the fireworks. It is a rare year that has two Independence Day celebrations. "But he dinn mess with her. He ony say hello. So wha's so bad about dat?""You in this club?" Zip asked."Sure.""Why?""I... I don' know. You got to belong to..." Sixto shrugged. "I don' know.""If you're in this club, if you wear that purple jacket, you do what I say. Okay. I say the Latin Purples are washing Alfredo Gomez right after eleven o'clock Mass. You want to turkey out, go ahead." He paused meaningfully. "All I know is that Alfie give China a rough time. China's my girl whether she knows it or not, you dig? China's my girl, and that means Alfie got himself trouble."Cooch nodded. "Big trouble.""And that don't mean a burn. I don't want him burned. I want him washed! You can turkey out, Sixto, go ahead. Only you better watch your step around here afterwards, that's all I'm telling you."
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