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The plan was a simple one, but Lieutenant Byrnes had discovered in his years of police work that most feasible and practical plans were simple.The plan was one of deception, a plan which would utilize every man's innate www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de susceptibility to the expected, and then knock him flat by suddenly producing the unexpected. The plan, of course, undertook to presume what Miranda would consider expected. But it seemed a reasonable guess to suppose that Miranda expected the cops to get him out of that apartment, and that one certain way to accomplish this was to bust into the joint. If a rush were made across the street, a rush which carried all the earmarks of a frontal attack, Miranda would brace himself for an assault on his front door. Actually, the assault would come from elsewhere. Such was the unoriginal and simple nature of the deception. Broken down into simple terms, the police plan could have been stated thusly: Hit him where he ain't.Have you got it straight? Byrnes asked his men.I want the fire escape, Parker said.At the same time, Captain Frick - who commanded the uniformed cops of the 87th - brought the megaphone to his mouth and shouted, We're coming in, Miranda! We're going to knock louis vuitton taschen online shop that front door right off its hinges.There was no answer from within the apartment.We're coming in, Miranda! We're coming up those steps right now! Frick shouted, and he hoped Miranda would buy it.In the hallway, Byrnes, Carella, and Parker crouched on the steps. They could hear the gunfire outside, could hear shouts from the cops, screams from the crowd, the sound of glass breaking and wood splintering, the high whistle of slugs that caromed and ricocheted.Outside, Frankie Hernandez stealthily moved past the glass front of La Gallina, working his way toward the fire escape.Hey, listen, Zip said, grinning. How about a hug, Elena?If you had things to do, Juana persisted, you wouldn't get involved in this childish nonsense. What you are is an acting-out neurotic.A what? Zip said.An acting-out neurotic, Juana said professorially.How come you're so smart, huh? Where'd you get your medical degree, huh?I read an article in the newspapers, Juana said smugly.Dig the big reader! Zip said, and he burst out laughing. Dismissing her, he turned to Elena, louis vuitton outlet Hey, come on, no hug for me?Go hug China, Elena said coldly.Come on, come on, Zip said, still grinning. But his grin seemed to have no effect on Elena. Deliberately she turned to Sixto.A little, Hernandez answered.I don't blame you. He paused. This is the damnedest thing ever, isn't it? The last one I remember like this was back in 1931 when this guy Nelson O'Brien was holed up in an apartment on the North Side. I was a patrolman at the time. He held off a hundred and fifty cops for two hours that day. We were chopping holes in the roof and dropping tear gas down on him, but the bastard wouldn't billige louis vuitton handtaschen give up. We wounded him three times, but he was still standing when we went into the apartment to collar him. Standing and cursing - but out of amo. He'd hidden both his guns in his socks, hoping to use them later for an escape. A real prize, he was.Byrnes paused and stared at Hernandez. I didn't feel so hot that day, Frankie.Why not?They guy in the apartment was Nelson O'Brien. He paused again. I'm Irish.Yes, sir, Hernandez said.St, I was a lifesaver, Luis said blankly.Parker felt suddenly uneasy. Hey, come on, he said. You going to let a little yelling come between friends?After a long while, Luis said, No, Andy, I would not let a little yelling come between friends.Outside, Lieutenant Byrnes lifted the megaphone to his lips. Miranda? Can you hear me?What do you want, you son of a bitch? Miranda shouted, coughing.This is it, Miranda. Are you ready to come out? Or do we shoot our way in?There was a long silence. Parker moved quickly out of the luncheonette. Luis was still staring at him as he left.What the hell is he doing? Parker asked Carella. Why don't we move in right now? I'll bet he can hardly see in there.
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