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In the street outside, the firing had stopped. Great billows of gas poured from the shattered windows of the apartment, hovered on the windless air. People were covering their faces with handkerchiefs and cursing at the police for unleashing this blight. Luis brought a bowl of water to the counter. Parker groped for it blindly, touched the rim with his hand, and then dipped into it. Luis watched him silently. Parker washed his eyes and his skin, sighing, repeating the motion over and over again. And finally he dried himself with the handkerchief and lifted his face. Luis was still staring at him.Que pasa, maricon? Parker asked, grinning, using a Spanish obscenity.Nothing, Luis said. He shook his head wearily. Nothing.What's the matter, huh? Parker asked, still grinning. What's the matter, eh, cabron? Another obscenity, but there was no answering smile from Luis.De nada, Luis said. Nothing.You sore at me? 'Cause I was yelling at you? Is that it? www.billigevuittononlineshop.de Man, I felt like my eyes were on fire. You sure were a lifesaver.But ... Zeep iss bad?Yes, yes.Struggling with this new idea, Papa said, But he bought me pidaguas, and then fell silent. His brow was furrowed, his eyes puzzled. After a long time, he said, An' Pepe iss bad too?Yes.Sixto... iss you alone who thinks like this? Or ever'body?Everybody, Papa. Everybody in the streets.I ... Sixto ... I wanna be lak ever'body in thees city. But Zeep say...Papa, we are only strong if we do the right thing.Again, Papa was silent, thinking. He shrugged and turned to Sixto.I ... I don' wann to be dee bad guy, Sixto.No.I wann to be dee goo' guy.Si, st.He shrugged again. I don' know how to say in English.Louise, Jeff said, what time is it?I don't know. Eleven-thirty, something like that. Why?I'm ... I'm supposed to meet a girl here. At noon.Sailor, why don't you take your own advice? Get out of here before you run into more trouble. Take a walk over to the park, eh? When the girl comes, I'll tell her you're waiting there for her. What's her name?China. That's a funny name, ain't it?Not for a Spanish girl. Only in Spanish, it's louis vuitton pronounced Chee-na. Luis shrugged. A lot of the girls today, they give it the English sound. Or maybe people do it for them, and then they decide it's easier that way. He paused. Go. Go to the park. I'll tell her where you are.I thought she was a whore when I first met her, Louise. That's a damn rotten way to start off, isn't it?Well, I know many men who have married prostitutes, Luis said. They make good wives.All right, cop, what do you want from me?Number one: we're sending up an unarmed man who insists he wants to see you alone as a representative of God. I want you to respect that, Miranda. God forgive me, Byrnes thought.All right, all right.Number two: I want you to talk to him. About coming out of there. I don't know why you want to see him, and I don't care. But I want your promise that you'll talk to him about coming out.Is that all?Do I have your promise?What makes you think I'll keep any promise I make?This is a man of God, Miranda.Okay, okay, I promise.Did you hear him, Father? Byrnes asked Carella.I heard him, Carella answered.You can enter the building any time you like.Carella louis vuitton outlet nodded, sucked in another deep breath, walked directly to the front stoop of the tenement, and entered the hallway.Byrnes put down the megaphone, looked at his watch, and then told Captain Frick he wanted four of the best marksmen he could find. Then he began praying.16Then why did you ask me to come up?Well... Miranda shrugged. He seemed like a young kid in that moment, a young kid who is about to tell a priest that he took off a girl's underpants on the roof. Carella kept staring at him. Miranda held the .45 in his hand loosely, expecting no trouble from this man he thought was a priest, embarrassed because he was about to reveal something, dishonorable to him. I'll put it to you straight, Father, he said. I got to get out of this apartment.Yes?So ... so you're louis vuitton online shop going to take me out.I am?Miranda nodded. I know that's pretty crumby. But I gotto get out of here.-Where do you go from here, Pepe?I don't know. Miranda shook his head. You know, Father, you reach the point where ... where there ain't many places left to go. He laughed nervously. Where... He laughed again. I don't know. I don't know where I'll go once I get out of here.There're a lot of cops out there, Pepe.Yeah, I know. He sighed. Man, this kind of stuff ... I hate this kind of Public Enemy Number One stuff, you dig? I just hate it. Oh man, it's like ... like something is expected of me, you know what I mean? I've got to be the bad guy.
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