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Si, a man must feel that he is important.That's what I didn't like about Fletcher, Louise. I just felt like anybody else there. It's funny but, well, meeting her I feel like -1 don't know -1 feel like me! That's pretty stupid, ain't it? I mean, like who the hell else would I feel like? And I hardly even know her. I mean, she's just another girl, isn't she?Sure, Luis agreed, she's just another girl. You can find girls anywhere.Well, now she's not exactly just another girl, Jeff said hastily. She's prettier than most, you know.Pretty girls are easy to find, sailor. The world is full of pretty girls. And for every man in the world, there is one girl who is pretty.Sure, sure. But she's, well, I guess you could call her beautiful. I guess you really could, Louise. He paused. Do you ... do you think she'll come?I don't know, Luis said. Perhaps.I hope so. Gee, Louise, I hope so.From Zip's vantage place on the packing crate, he saw her at once, working her way through the crowd. He waved to her instantly, and then shouted, Elena! Hey, Elena, over here! He poked Sixto and said, Hey, Sixto, it's Elena.Softly, Sixto said, I thought China wass louis vuitton 2013 your girl.You going to hurt Alfie Gomez? Juana asked.Drop dead, Zip told her.Big man, Juana said. Everybody in this neighborhood's a big man. It's just you're insecure, that's all.Man, she sprouts that crap like as if she grows it in her mouth, Zip said. I got news for you, zombie. I am a big man, now how about that? The Latin Purples ain't afraid of nothing or nobody!Whoever heard of the Latin Purples outside of you and your mother? Juana asked. If one of those Royal Guardians came down the street right now, you'd pass out cold.I ain't afraid of no Royal Guardians, Zip said angrily. I ain't afraid of nobody! He searched in his mind for a clincher to his argument, and then blurted, Why, one of my boys is out right now, rounding up a couple of pieces!If one of them goes off accidentally, you'll run a mile.You better tell your pal to shut up, Elena, Zip warned.Juana, stop picking on...A gun is a psychological symbol, Juana said. You only want one because you're afraid.I ain't afraid to rap you right in the mouth, Zip said.Big man, Juana repeated, but she shut up.Zip looked out over the crowd. They're coming back, he said. The bulls are coming back.¡¡You are with me, Papa?Papa beamed. Si, I am wi' you, Sixto. He continued smiling. billige louis vuitton handtaschen Sixto? He paused. We dee goo' guys, Sixto?Yes, Papa, Sixto said very softly. We the good guys.The other good guys came up the street.There were two of them. One was a detective lieutenant named Peter Byrnes. The other was a priest named Steve Carella.Carella felt rather foolish. He had felt foolish in the rectory of the church while arguing with Father Donovan who had, perhaps rightfully, insisted that the policemen were planning something which would make a mockery of a man's faith in God.This man doesn't have a faith in God, Byrnes had said. He wants a priest up there for one reason and one reason alone. He wants to use him as a shield to get out of that apartment.How do you know that?I know it, Byrnes said. Take my word for it. The last time Pepe Miranda was inside a church was the day he was baptized.He may wish to make louis vuitton online shop his peace.Father, I respect your attitude, believe me. Luis nodded.And you know something? I think he wants to die. I think he wants to end it, once and for all.The two girls who came around the avenue and stopped at the mouth of the street were apparently more interested in beginning something than in ending it. They were both tall brunettes. One was wearing a tight, bright-red silk dress. The other wore the identical dress in yellow. The dresses were designed to exhibit and reveal; they were incapable of keeping a secret. Every nuance of flesh beneath the skintight silk, every subtle hint of muscle or bone, every flowing curve, every dimple, every pucker, insistently shrieked its existence to the most casual observer. The girls were not the bashful type. They moved with a fluidity of breast, hip, thigh and leg that aided the dresses in their task of nonconcealment. They were, in fact, so much the Hollywood concept of what a whore should look like that at first glance they seemed to be imitations. All right, Miranda shouted. Send him up.Not so fast, Miranda, Byrnes said, thinking, I've got to make this look good. He knows we wouldn't send up a priest unless he makes some concession. He knows we're considering the idea that this may be a trap. He knows we're not stupid.What is it now? Miranda said.The priest stays right where he is unless I get some promises from you, Byrnes said.Here we go, Miranda answered, and the people in the street began chuckling.Yes, here we go, Miranda. I'm not sending up a man you can use as a shield to get out of that apartment.What kind of a louse do you think I am?Do I have to answer that one? Byrnes www.billigevuittononlineshop.de said, and again the crowd chuckled. This was beginning to get good. None of that grim stuff any more. Just a plain old battle of wits, like a good television routine.
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