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He got into the truck and began driving.The city was an empty wilderness, he did not know where to go, he did not know where he could leave her. He did not want anyone to find the refrigerator because then they would find the girl and know who she was and possibly they would trace the refrigerator back to Mrs. Dougherty's rooming house and begin to ask questions. He found the river almost be accident. He knew the city was surrounded by water, but it didn't occur to him that he could just drive up to the river's edge and drop the refrigerator in. He had come across a small bridge and looked down and seen lights reflecting in water, and then realized he was looking down into a river and had taken the first left turn off the bridge and driven down to a deserted dock where a railroad car loomed alone and empty on a silent track. He backed the truck to the water's edge. He wondered how deep the water was. He went to the edge of the dock and got down on his hands and knees and looked over to see if there were any markings on the dock, but there weren't. He didn't want to go dropping the refrigerator into shallow water. They'd find it right off, and that wouldn't be too good.He got into the truck again and drove off.Now that he knew he wanted to drop the refrigerator in the river, he began actively looking for a place that would be deep enough. He didn't know how he would recognize a deep spot unless he just happened to come across a dock or bridge that was marked. But the chances of finding such a placed seemed A bridge.Actually, if he Well, just drive onto it.The middle of it.The rail.He could simply He began looking for a bridge. He'd have to be very careful, he'd have to louis vuitton online shop pretend something was wrong, yes, that was it, wait for a break, just bide his time, that refrigerator was very heavy.He had smiled and said, Sure, sure, as if he wasn't really a mean cop at all, but simply a guy who had a job to do and the job only accidentally happened to deal with men who maybe were or maybe weren't trying to break into dress lofts.There was something good about that detective's face, Roger couldn't say what. He only knew that there were bums in this world and there were nice guys, and this detective struck him as being a nice guy, the same way Parker in the luncheonette had struck him immediately as being a bum.He sure walks fast, though, Roger thought.He quickened his pace, keeping sight of the gray overcoat. The detective was tall, not as tall as Roger himself, but at least six-one or six-two, and he had very broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and he walked with the quick surefootedness of a natural athelete, even on pavements that were getting very sloppy with fallen snow. The snow was still wet and heavy, large flakes filling the air like a Christmas card, everything gray and white and sharp, with the buildings standing out in rust-red warmth. Everyone always thought of the city as being black and white, but during a snowstorm you suddenly saw the colors of the buildings, the red bricks and the green window frames and the yellows and the blues of rooms only glimpsed behind partially . He went to the bed and looked at it to see if there were any bloodstains on the sheets, and then he checked the floor for bloodstains, and then he looked around to make sure he'd got all of her clothes. He dragged her over to the door and opened it a crack and looked out into the hall. He didn't know why he was being so careful about bloodstains and clothes and looking out into the hallway, especially when his plan was to drive straight to the nearest police station and go louis vuitton online shop in and tell them he'd killed this girl, that was going to be hard to do.There was no one in the hallway, the building was asleep.He picked her up, she was as light as a feather, and carried her into the hall, bracing her with one arm while he pulled the door shut with his free hand, and then holding her in both arms and going quickly down the steps to the basement door. He opened the door and then bent down for his truck keys, bracing the girl against his knee again. He went down the steps. The basement was illuminated with thin shafts of moonlight that glanced through the small side windows high up on the cinderblock wall. His eyes were becoming accustomed to the light. He could make out the furnace, and beyond that an old refrigerator, and beyond that a bicycle with one wheel. He carried Molly out of the basement and then put her into the back of the truck. A think trickle of blood had run from her nose to her upper lip. He was about to get into the truck cab and drive to the police station when he wondered what he would tell them. He stood in the silent back yard. Above him the clotheslines stretched from pole to pole, frantically and silently moving in the wind. Boy, it sure would be hard to go in there and tell them what had happened. He stood near the rear of the louis vuitton taschen online shop truck, staring at the girl wrapped in her own coat.If he took her someplace Well, he ought Well Well, what he ought to do was go to the police.Still, if No.No, he had to get rid of her.He kept looking at the girl.Yes, he had to get rid of her.Oh, sure it is. Molly nodded. She got a job with one of the big pineapple companies. Dole, I think, who knows? She shrugged. I could have got a job there, too, but the heat, no thanks. She shook her head. I figured I'd be better off here. It gets cold as hell here in the winter, I know, but anything's better than the heat. Besides, this is a pretty exciting city. Don't you think so?Yes.It's a pretty exciting city, Molly said.Yes.You never know what's going to happen here, that's the feeling I get. I mean, who knew I was going to meet you tonight, for example? Did you know?No, I didn't.Neither did I. That's what I mean. This is a very exciting city.Yes.So, you know, she said, picking up her drink and draining the glass this time, when Doris left I really didn't have anything to keep me there any longer. In Sacramento, I mean. It's a nice place, and all that, but it takes me a while to make friends, and with Doris gone, I figured this was as good a time as any for me to pick up and explore the country a little myself, you know? What the hell, this is a big country. I was born in Tacoma, Washington, and then we moved to Sacramento when I was eighteen, my parents died when I was nineteen, and I was stuck in Sacramento from then on. So it was a good thing Doris went to Hawaii, if you know what I mean, because it goosed me into action. So what do you intend to do about it, look, there's ice on the river, you could probably walk clear across to the other shore.There wasn't any ice last night, he said.What?Nothing.Were you here last night?Well, I meant early this morning. About three o'clock.What were you doing here at three in the morning?I wasn't hereBut you said-I had to make a delivery.A delivery?Yes. Vegetables.Oh.So I had a chance to see the river, that's all I meant.And there was no ice. \No. I guess it must have been a little above freezing.It felt a lot colder than that yesterday, she said.Yes, it did. But the river wasn't frozen.Okay, she said. You want to walk across to the other side?No.Vegetables, did you say?Yes, I got the job from a man, to pick up these vegetables and deliver them. With my truck.Oh. She nodded, www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de and then said, How cold do you think it is now?I don't know. In the twenties, I'd guess.Are you cold?A little.My feet are cold, she said.You want to go someplace? For coffee or something?I thought you had a room, she said.I do.
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