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They whispered in the night.I sometimes feel all alone in the world, she said.I do, too.I don't mean alone just because I have no parents, or because Doris went off to Hawaii, not that way, not that kind of alone. I mean really alone.Yes.Alone inside, she said.Yes.Even when I'm surrounded by people. Even when there are people everywhere around me, like in that bar tonight, before I met you.I almost didn't come over to you.Because I'm not pretty, she said.You're beautiful, he said.No, please . . .Yes.Please don't lie to me.You're the most beautiful girl I've ever known in my life.Ahhh, she said.Yes.Ahhh.Molly, you're beautiful, he whispered.I'm a good lay, is what you mean?Yes, you're a good lay, but-Mmmm, and that's it.No.Yes, that's all of it. Roger, please, I know.How do you billige louis vuitton handtaschen know?She shrugged. You're a man. I know what men want.That's not all I want, he said.She moved closer to him. She buried her face in his shoulder. Her lips vibrated against his skin as she spoke. You're the only man who ever told me I was beautiful, she whispered. She paused for a long time. Roger?Yes?Tell me.What?Tell me again.What?Don't make me beg.You're beautiful, he said.You embarrass me, she whispered.I want to hold you, he said.Ahhh.I want to kiss you.She moved into his arms. What's this? she whispered.Nothing.Nothing? she whispered. Oh, it's something. Oh, I can tell it's something. Oh, I'm sure it's something. Oh yes. Yes, yes, that's it, yes.Molly, Molly . . .It was beginning to snow.The flakes were large and wet and they melted the moment they touched the asphalt streets, melted on the tops of parked automobiles, and on the lids of garbage cans standing alongside shining wet tenement stoops. In the park, on the stone wall bordering the edge of the park, and on the rolling ground and jutting boulders of the park itself, the snow was beginning to stick, covering only lightly and in patches, but sticking nonetheless. He walked alongside the stone wall with its pale-white, almost transparent covering of snow, and looked across at the police station and then took a deep breath and sucked in his belly and crossed the street.He went up the steps. There were seven of them.There were two doors. He tried the knob of the one on the left, but the door did not open. He reached for the knob directly to the right of the first one. The door opened on a very large room with grilled windows running its entire length on the left-hand side and with a large raised wooden counter that looked something like a judge's bench in front of the windows. A hand-lettered sign on top of the counter, bold black on white, read ALL VISITORS MUST STOP AT DESK. Just make yourself comfortable, he said. He took off his coat and went to the closet with it. I'm sorry I can't offer you a drink or anything, but I haven't got any in the room.Oh, that's all right, she said. I don't drink much anyway.He hung his coat on a hanger, and then took Molly's from the chair and put it over his on the same hanger. He looped her scarf over the hanger hook, and put everything back in the closet. If the liquor stores were open, he said, I'd go down for some. But I think-No, I don't mind. I louis vuitton online shop hope I didn't give you the impression that I drink a lot.No, I didn't get that impression.Because I usually don't, except socially. It's been so depressing, though, marching around this city and not being able to find anything. It can get really depressing, I mean it.I can imagine, Roger said.Boy, it's good to get out of those shoes, she said, and she leaned back, propping herself on one elbow so she could watch him. She smiled. Is that the only light in here? she asked.What?The light. It's kind of harsh.There's a lamp on the dresser, Roger said. Would you like it better if I-Please. It's just that lying back like this, I'm looking right up into the light there..I'll just put this one on, Roger said, and went to the dresser. He turned on the small lamp, and then flicked out the overhead light. How's that?Better, she said. Much better.She closed her eyes. The room was silent.He shrugged and went back into the basement. He went directly to the refrigerator he had seen and he opened the door and looked inside and knew immediately he would have to take the shelves out. The first two came out easily enough, but he had to struggle with the third one, and then the fourth came out just by lifting it. He put all four shelves alongside the furnace, and then he wrapped his arms around the refrigerator and tried to lift it. It was too heavy for him. He would never be able to carry it clear across the basement to the back door.He wondered if he should forget about it.Maybe he should take her to the police station after all.He kept staring at the refrigerator.Finally, he wrapped his arms around it again, but this time he lifted one end of the box and walked it forward and then lifted the opposite end, and kept doing that, shifting from one leg of the refrigerator to the other, walking it toward the door. At the louis vuitton 2013 door, he lifted it over the sill and then shoved it onto the concrete of the back yard and walked it to the tailgate of the truck. He wasn't at all tired. Walking the box out to the truck had been fairly simple, but he knew it would take all his strength to lift it up onto the tailgate and into the truck.He looked at the girl.He kept expecting her to move or something. Maybe open her eyes.He bent at the knees and wrapped his arms around the refrigerator again and then braced himself and began lifting. The box slipped. He backed away from it in surprise. It made a dull heavy noise as it fell back to the concrete, upright. He gripped it again, and this time he mustered every ounce of power he possessed, straining, grunting, pulling it up onto the tailgate and allowing it to fall over backward into the truck. He pushed and shoved it over to the middle of the truck and then opened the door and lifted the girl and put her inside.She wouldn't fit.He put her in head first and then tried closing the door, but she wouldn't fit.He tried turning her on her side and bending her legs behind her, but that didn't work either. He was beginning to get very nervous because he was afraid someone would turn on a light or open a window or look down into the yard and see him struggling there trying to get the girl into the refrigerator.He broke both her legs.He closed the door.She giggled and said, Well, I don't exactly mean goosed.I know what you mean, Roger said. Would you like another drink?I'll fall flat on my face.It's up to you, Roger said.No, I don't think so. Are you having another one?I will, if you will.You're trying to get me drunk, Molly said, and winked.No, I don't believe in getting girls drunk, Roger said.I was only teasing.Well, I don't get girls drunk. , No, I www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de don't think you do, Molly said, seriously.I don't.I don't think you have to.Roger ignored her meaning. So if you want another drink, he said.Yes, thank you, I will have another drink, she said.Waiter, he called. The waiter came to the table. Another beer, and another whiskey sour, Roger said.Light on the lemon, Molly said.Light on the lemon, Roger said to the waiter. He liked the way she told him what she wanted and not the waiter. Somehow, this was very flattering, and very pleasing, almost as if the waiter didn't exist at all. He watched as the waiter walked back to the bar and placed the order. He turned to Molly then and said, How's she doing out there? Doris.
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