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In the next few minutes, the admirals agreed on the new command structure required by the emergency, and on goals. Then they settled to considering how to regain control of the ship.We need to get our combat-experienced people over into T-3 and T-4, Dossignal said. That's where we've got part of a ship, and might with luck capture a Bloodhorde ship. The sooner we get those people off on that mission, the better.Through the blast and fire doors ?How else?If they're smart-if they have enough men-they'll be watching all the access points.They don't, Esmay said confidently. There were only twenty-five of them in sickbay.Not a complete team: they usually send a threefold pack, three tens.You mean we missed some?No some may have died aboard Wraith. We haven't had time to get into the foamed compartments and look. That'll be where their weapons and gear are, too.But the thing is, they're not going to be able louis vuitton taschen to watch every place we can get through. So where will they be?Where they're still in contact with each other, for backup, Bowry said. If they were after the bridge-and I would be, if I were trying this trick-that means they'll be watching on Deck 11, where we might be trying to get to weapons stored in the security weapons lockers, and Deck 17.So let's try Deck 8, Dossignal said. Commander Takkis can get into the core, to the secondary command center, and make sure that the FTL drive isn't working under their command. The rest of us-What d'you mean `us'-you aren't going out there.I certainly am. I belong over there in the 14th, with my people. On the way down to Deck 8, they saw no sign of the intruders. Most of the people here were staff or students of the Training Command, Senior Technical Schools Division. Scattered among them were elements of the ship's crew, mostly security, and researchers from the SpecMat Research Facility. They watched, wide-eyed, as the group passed, masked and armed. Deck 8 seemed especially quiet when they came out of the stairwell. Esmay, in the lead, stopped short when she saw the first body lying sprawled in the corridor.The second man, shorter and darker-haired than the other, hurried to comply. When he had done, the telltales showed green again.That's got it, he said.Is this right? the killer asked the woman.Yes yes it is right, she said.If you know that, we don't need him, the killer said, and caught the smaller man by the collar, half-choking him. We'd rather work with you.No! The woman lunged, but one of the others caught her. She tried to fight free, but she had no skill, and no strength to make up its lack. No, let him-please- The killer laughed. We heard what you said about the Bloodhorde how you taunted our agent. She turned even whiter.You dared to bind him He twisted the man's collar until the man's face purpled. You threatened. You had a noose around his neck and now you have a noose around your neck. Even louis vuitton 2013 barbarians, as you call us, understand poetic justice. Barin could not look away; there was a fascination in this that disgusted him with himself. The killer twisted twisted and horribly, slowly, the dapper little man about whom Barin knew nothing died, his struggles weaker and weaker until they ceased.We pay our debts, the killer said to the woman. All of them, the ones you know about and the ones you don't. Do we think size is everything? I believe that was your complaint, was it not? Then I believe you should have a chance to experience size in a way suitable to you in particular. The woman gave Barin a frantic glance, and the killer laughed. You think he could help you? This boy with a broken nose, that we captured as easily as we took you? He had to do something. A change in the tone of Pitak's voice brought her upright, fully alert.Oh? Elaborately casual, that. Interesting-I helped evacuate some of them, you know, and they were covered with blood-yes. I see. Just the effect of the sleepygas? Are they still in sickbay then? Her voice sharpened. When? Her eyes met Esmay's. I see. Esmay waited, as Pitak closed the circuit.If you retain this habit of being right, Suiza, you're going to be hated. Esmay said nothing. They weren't wounded, any of them. Twenty-five males seemed a little dazed and confused when they woke up, and three hours ago they were sent off to various workstations around the ship. Camajo, as we both know, was sent here, to H&A. If they were Bloodhorde that many Bloodhorde loose in billige louis vuitton handtaschen our ship could do us real damage Yes, sir.And I don't even know where they are. A petty-chief named Barrahide, from Personnel, came and got them. camajo, the nametag said, clipped to a uniform that fit its wearer like a new saddle technically fitting, but uneasy in some way. The insignia of a petty-light had been applied recently, and not quite straight, to his sleeve.I was told to report here, the man said. To Major Major Pitak. His eyes roved the compartment as if scanning it for hidden weapons; his glance at Esmay had been dismissive. Her skin prickled. He reminded her of something-someone-her mind, suddenly alert, scrabbled frantically in memory to figure out what. She looked back at the screen before she answered.She's in with Commander Seveche. Are you from Wraith? She couldn't imagine anyone from Koskiusko giving her quite that look. It wasn't the you're not really Fleet are you? look, or the you're that kid who commanded Despite, aren't you? look, or any of the others she'd have recognized.Commander Seveche, you will be responsible for the actual detachment of T-4 from the hub. I leave it to you how you're going to keep the necessary preparations from being recognized by the intruders, whom I'm sure are observing what they can.Yes, sir. I think some judicious tinkering with the artificial gravity controls could provide an excuse Whatever. If events overtake us before detachment is possible, we need a fallback plan. Along with your other duties, Lieutenant Suiza, I'd like you and Commander Atarin to liaise with Koskiusko's security about that. Commander Jimson, you're to make sure that people get what they need out of www.billigevuittononlineshop.de inventory, without letting any more personnel be captured.We need more security personnel, Captain Hakin said.True, Captain. If it would help you, I'm sure that Admiral Livadhi can suggest individuals now enrolled in one of the tech courses who have sufficient background to be useful and have been aboard long enough to know their way around.
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