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We have a situation.Excuse me. Hakin pushed back his chair.What kind of situation? Dossignal asked. The guard looked at the captain who shrugged irritably.Tell him, Corporal.The emergency oxygen conservation system went off on half a dozen decks of T-5, and knocked out everyone in sickbay and the ship's administrative offices. Two people got out and gave the alarm.I'm on my way. You'll excuse me It was not a question.I hadn't thought of that, Dossignal said. I should have-we haven't had any experience louis vuitton of this sort of thing. Lieutenant Suiza can you tell us what sort of mischief might we expect? Esmay gathered her scattered wits. The personnel lock was manual, a simple hatch control that required only strength to turn. Then they were outside, clinging to the grabons and loops that Esmay thought were misnamed as safety features. Beside it were a row of communications and oxygen jacks.Top up your tanks, Seska said. Esmay had almost forgotten that standard procedure. She glanced at her readouts; it hardly seemed reasonable to spend the time now for just a few percents. But the others were all plugged in; she shrugged mentally as she pushed her own auxiliary tube into place. Her suit pinged a signal when tank pressure reached its maximum, and she pulled the connection free. Seska clipped his safety line to the first loop and started pulling himself along, up the rounded end of the fabrication unit alongside the arching supports for the whisker transport system. Esmay followed Frees again, with Bowry behind her, stopping to unclip and reclip her line every time it ran out. When they got to the upper surface-upper as defined by the whisker track-Seska paused. From here, the size of Koskiusko surprised Esmay all over again. The fabrication unit alone was larger than most warships, coated like them with matte black, and studded with the shiny knobs of the shield generators. Beyond it rose the angular outer face of T-1, black against the starfield, www.2013louisvuittononlineshop.de with the faint gleam of the transport track rising over its edge.Check, Seska said.Two.Three.Four. Esmay shivered. Only four of them, out here alone on a ship so big she couldn't see most of it .We'll take the transport line, Seska said. It'll save us time. Nobody mentioned how much air was left; no one had to. She would like to have watched the work on Wraith; she knew only vaguely what a foam bed was, and what it was supposed to accomplish. But Pitak's construction teams had found more casualties in the forward compartments, most dead and the rest unconscious.The artificial gravity failed up here, along with the communications lines-some shrapnel, probably, sliced them like a hot knife. It's a wonder any of 'em are alive, and I don't know how many will survive-they look pretty bad. But they're all out now, so you can send over the next load of stuff as soon as they're logged clear of the lanes. Esmay looked at the cluttered screen that now represented everything between billige louis vuitton taschen Koskiusko and Wraith. A query to the scan supervisor tagged the medical evac pod on her screen; when it was out of the way, she put a priority tag on the shipment Pitak had asked for, and talked to the sergeant minor in T-3 responsible for sending it off. She was concentrating so hard on keeping up with Pitak's requests that she jumped when the sergeant at the other console said Wow! and then Good thing they foamed it The mine? she asked, when she got her breath back.Which is quite possible, Admiral Livadhi put in.Quite so. In fact, any type of signal which I tried to imagine could, in theory, be interdicted by the intruders before they gained control. Captain Martin agreed with Captain Plethys, and added that he did not wish to be responsible for the considerable destruction of life and materiel, even if the intruders did appear to control this ship. He argued that the rest of the wave will no doubt return to guard us, and offered his ship to go and explain the situation. I insisted that he stay, but I'm not sure he will.You think he'll desert us in the face of enemy attack? That's treason!There are no enemy ships on scan, Livadhi pointed out, hands steepled. And he knows he can do nothing about the intruders already aboard. He probably thinks that will clear him with a Board.Not if I'm around to argue it, Dossignal growled.I agree but if I remember Captain Martin, and I believe this is the same Arlen Martin I once attempted to teach Military Justice to, he's got a mind like an eel. Twisting and slithering away is his nature. I never did understand why he was given a ship.Fix it again so that it looks to the captain as if it's working, the Bloodhorde leader said.But the captain will know it's been tampered with-fixing it now won't convince him. Someone would have to tell him louis vuitton 2013 I could go tell him I could fix it, they know we're experts in weapons systems, and then I could- The man didn't have time to flinch away before he was dying, the blade deep in his throat and a hard hand squeezing his mouth, stifling his last bubbling scream. Blood spurted, then flowed, then stopped, filling the compartment with the smell of blood so strong it almost covered the stench of death itself. The woman screamed, a short cry cut off in terror as one of the others slapped her. The killer let the dead man fall, and then wiped his bloody hand across his own mouth, then the woman's. They don't call us the Bloodhorde for nothing, he said, grinning. With the same knife-and it seemed even worse to Barin that he didn't wipe it clean between the killing and the mutilation-he sliced off the dead man's left ear, bit it hard once, and then tucked it away in his uniform. Now, he said to the second civilian. You will fix this so it looks as if it's working.
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