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immediately a temple that strongly spread to north too the feet of Lang up. Like be clipped tightly generally by the tiger pincers, send out "Mao Ca" one ring, but is a north a temple too the feet Ke of the Lang the bone of the place spilted open, the painful northern temple sent out one to bellow in the Lang too much. "Eight Gas!" North temple too the Lang is originally a hot cruel hand the ng son of x , at the age of 23 dared to kill people, ate this kind michael kors bags on sale of big Kui at this time, is already red eyes. At that moment north temple too the Lang didn't take care of his/her own feet as well, the right hand rubs into the appearance of Zhang knife and takes finger tip as Feng, and the throat towarding a leaf for sky rowed to pass by. North temple too although the Lang has never inheritted household one knife flow of achievement method, this hand knife if row true, with true knife also have no where is the difference, easily of can mow to break a leaf for sky of throat. "Mama of, does this want my life?However uses this to recruit by your effort is to don't go, if change into the wench of that surname gold still about." Too the north temple Lang this Zhang hand knife looks like intention to murder four Fus, but he finally be not practice knife method or sword way of, intention of the knife is too obvious, if change whole day this sword way middleman, probably still have so some michael kors outlet online threat to the leaf sky. Face north temple too the skill knife of Lang, the leaf sky even still had spare time to platform to outside see one eye, the vision found out that to be called plain gold Xi, he really wants to know, north the michael kors handbags outlet disciple of the temple hero, what kind of state does the effort actually come to a? The person that is what kind in the leaf sky?Front segment time be Taiwan connecting to kill 22 people of foul atmosphere until at the moment haven't spread to the utmost, although just at will quick glance, but that murderous look is in the body that overflowed to go into plain gold Xi along with the look in the eyes. "What person is this ?How how so terrible?" Be taken aim by leaf sky's one eye, originally just completely at ease looking at the plain gold Xi that 2 people have a competition, suddenly feel that the skin of head starts to deep-fry, the whole body sweat m o keeps Shu, the cold sweat followed back to flow down, this a moment she seem feel a quilt what the fierce wild beast had eyes fixed on generally. After vision in the leaf sky moves to open, plain gold Xi that felling just the disappearance drop from the heart bottom, this process is extremely brief, brief the Xi arriving a plain gold of momentary even all don't know just is what to take place an illusion? And even now, the leaf sky also has no a mood and north temple too the Lang keep on entwining, the right hand holds claw, facing the hand knife of the other party be a grasp. Because"Mao Ca Mao Ca" continues two frailties to ring, north temple too the body form of Lang hereafter draw off, the whole individual cries piteously to lie to pour at ground up. Just who didn't see, the leaf sky is too breaking and loosens to open north a temple the hand knife of Lang, right hand quickly as demon of lightly from north temple too once the lower abdomen department of Lang fondle but lead, action of quick even the cameras can not catch of arrive. Ever since way, the leaf sky takes orders a conviction, that is the murderer, person Heng kills it, just leaf sky clearly felt that too the northern temple Lang have no to cover up of kill an idea, this under charge nature can't showed consideration, either. " , My feet, my hand broke!" Fall down in the northern temple of ground too Lang have already completely lost the poise of beginning, continuously of vacillating on the ground wail, several society members of karate agency that ran over to want to start to hand him, all drive he unconsciously to kick to go out. The leaf sky just is the skill that divides a wrong bone of Jin what to use, although be unlikely to harm skeleton, also very quick can recover from illness,get hurt beginning of ache, make people can hardly bear with. "Like, beat well!" "Hero, hero!" "Kill small Japan, Yang my national prestige!" From the leaf sky and north temple too the Lang ji o hand Yi start, although describe to seem to be very slowly, actually then take place in very short 78 seconds, until north temple too the Lang fall down in the ground wail to make a noise, round the members of the martial arts agency of view just responded to come over. Enthusiasm of those students in the field, thoroughly drive north temple too the wail voice of Lang to spark, there was a few emotion j to move ability not being own guy, incredibly shouting to have slogan, listenning to skin michael kors outlet of head in the leaf sky Be a burst of to become numb. "***, You think is this still 23?" The leaf sky turned over a cold stare and hurtled to below press to press a hand, the whole field building immediately became utter silence, "the classmates, it is strengthening figure to do the aim of martial arts Jian body, hope everyone hereafter can devote one's mind at this, not be going again to begin to have a competition with others." The leaf sky this words in fact toward Xu Zhen Nan to say of, common saying says to drown all to will be aqueous, and river's lake is dead quickest also is all those one bottle water disaffection, half bottle water sway the d ng guy. The words say the effort of this elder brothers several hands three feet cats basically ascend not set noodles, incredibly dare also duel to have a competition with others, if don't order to come to him, perhaps will be given y sooner or later in the days to come the n is a. The vision seeing a leaf for sky takes aim toward he or she, Xu Zhen Nan immediately smiling of Shan Shan, the hands repeatedly make a bow with hands folded in front to the leaf sky, but is want to let the leaf stays a several cents face for he or she at the public in front for sky. "You contused a person, prepare to calculate like this?" "Yes, he contused north temple too Lang, can not make