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Despite her determination not to react, she felt her heart lurch in her chest, and her voice came out shrill and harsh.No, Lady Cecelia. Heris had tried to think of a nonthreatening way to tell her employer - considering how old the woman was - but had not come louis vuitton outlet up with anything better than the bald truth. He died of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, the result of opening a sludge tank without protective gear. In addition, another crewman is suffering severe inhalation injury from the same source.But all we have is a medbox! Cecelia felt as if she had just fallen off at a gallop. A crewman dead, and another sick... was this what came of hiring an ex-military captain? She tried to remember the specifics of the medical unit.It's a standard industrial pollutant, Heris said. The unit has the right medications and the right software to treat him - I checked that, of course, before coming to you.Oh - I - Cecelia realized she'd slumped, and straightened again.I'm very sorry to have given you this shock. Perhaps I should call someone?Cecelia recognized someone giving her time to pull herself together, and was caught between resentment and gratitude. Young male pride, stung, flushed his cheeks and drove sulkiness into temper. I am better.I won't argue, Cecelia said. I will only remind you that you may be better in bed with the prince's favorite singer, but you are now on my yacht, by order of your father and the king, and the singer is stuck with the prince.Her pun got through to her a moment before Ronnie caught it, and she shook her finger at him. Literally and figuratively: you're here, and he's there, and you've gained nothing by blabbing except whatever momentary amusement you shared with your www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de barracks-mates. He chuckled, and the odious George - who had well earned the nickname everyone in society knew - snickered. Cecelia knew the odious George's father fairly well, and dismissed the snicker as an unconscious copy of his father's courtroom manner. Even with six additional people aboard, it looked like enough to feed them all three times over. It would serve them right, she thought, if she made them eat survival rations until they got to Bunny's. Certainly it would cost less and take up less room. Cook had pointed out that they'd need to air up two more refrigeration units and set out another full section of 'ponics.That would start another argument between crewside and staffside. The environmental techs were ship's crew, under the captain's command; Cecelia knew better than to interfere with her captain's crew. But that part of 'ponics devoted to the kitchen came under the heading of gardening, which meant staff - her staff. Felix, head gardener, and two boys (one female), kept her private solarium in fresh flowers and Cook supplied with fresh vegetables. A cluster of dots showed Ronnie and friends, louis vuitton online shop back in the lounge. A dot in her bedroom; that would be Myrtis, her maid. A dot for the captain, in her quarters; a moving dot that must be Bates, coming back.She touched her finger to that one, and his voice came out of the desk speaker.Yes, madam?Have Cook check the quantities Ronnie and his friends consumed last night; they seem to eat quite a lot....Cook, has estimated an additional fifteen percent over your orders yesterday, madam, and has the purchase order ready for your stamp.Thank you, Bates. She might have known. They were usually two steps ahead of her - but that was their duty. She flicked up the lower service deck on the display, found Cook's dot, and touched it. Cook transferred the purchase order to her desktop, and she looked at it. The actual docking tube lay unguarded. Heris frowned Surely even civilians had someone watching the ship's main hatch, even with the security of a lockgate on the dock itself. She paused before stepping over the line that made the legal division between dock and ship. The lavender plush lining of the access billige louis vuitton handtaschen tube hid all the vital umbilicals that connected the ship to Station life support. Unsafe, Heris thought, as she had thought on her earlier interview visit. Those lines should be visible. Surely even civilians had regulations to follow.Underfoot, the lavender plush carpet felt five centimeters thick. A warm breath of air puffed out of the ship itself, a warm breath flavored not with the spice she remembered from the interview, but with the sour stench of the morning after a very large night before. Her nose wrinkled; she could feel her back stiffening.
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