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She had reviewed the crew bios in the desk display. And she had shrugged away her regrets. It was all over now, all those years of service, all her family's traditions; from now on, she was Heris Serrano, captain of a yacht, and she would make the best of it.And they wouldn't know what hit them.Some of them suspected within moments of her arrival on the bridge. Whatever decorator had chosen all the lavender and teal furnishings of the rest of the ship, the bridge remained functional, if almost toylike in its bright, shiny, compactness. The crew had to squeeze in uncomfortably; Heris noticed who squeezed in next to whom, and who wished this were over. They had heard, no doubt. They could see what they could see; she might be wearing purple and scarlet, but she had the look, and knew she had it; all those generations of command came out her eyes.Ah... yes. Cecelia felt off balance; she had been ready for evasions and excuses, and her captains forthright acceptance of blame surprised her.I realize, milady, that one reason you changed captains is that your former one could not keep to your schedule. But in this instance, I feel that your safety requires an emergency repair of the system.I thought, Cecelia said pettishly, that I had specified an environmental system far larger than I'd ever need, just in case something went wrong.Yes, milady, you did. But with your present guests and their personal servants, that limit has been exceeded - and with the degradation of performance of the system, and the lack of refitting capabilities at Lord Thornbuckle's, it louis vuitton online shop would be most unwise to proceed without repair.And that will take - ?Six days to the nearest refitting facility I'd trust; two days docked; and with a reasonable course and drive performance, we should be, as I said, just one day late at your destination.The boards spread emerald before her. All clear aboard. Fifteen seconds.She, the Stationmaster, and the tug captain all counted together, but the coordinated computers actually broke the yacht's connection with the Station.The tug dragged the yacht - still inert, her drives passive - safely away from the Station and its crowded traffic lanes. Heris used this time to check the accuracy of the yacht's external sensors against Station and tug reports of other traffic. Everything seemed to work as it should. She felt very odd, being towed without even the insystem drive powered up, but civilian vessels routinely launched cold and the tug companies preferred it that way.According to them, some idiot was likely to put his finger on the wrong button if he had power.When they reached their assigned burn sector several hours later, the tug captain called again. Confirm safe sector Blue Tango 34; permission to release.Permission to release grapples, Heris said, with a nod to the pilot and Gavin. The tug retracted its grapples and boosted slowly away. louis vuitton outlet Mr. Gavin: insystem drive. The pilot, she noticed, was retracting the bustle, and checking with visuals that the lockdown mechanisms secured properly.Insystem drive. The yacht's sublight drive lit its own set of boards.Normal powerup... Heris could see that; she let out the breath she'd been holding. They'd done a powerup as part of the systems check, but that didn't mean it would powerup again as smoothly.Aunt Cecelia, just because you're crazy enough to ride big stupid animals across rocks and mud -I presumed, said Cecelia, overriding his voice with a surge of glee, that that was your rather large order at Hardin's and Vetris's and Spaulding's. But since it wasn't, perhaps you'd return some of that foppery, whatever it was, and get yourself some decent riding kit. We are going to Bunny's, as you know, for the season, and since I'm saddled with you, you might as well saddle a horse and learn something useful. She felt good about the pun; puns usually came to her four hours too late, if at all.The fashion in invective, she was happy to discover, had swung once more from the rough crudities copied from the lower classes to an entertaining polysyllabic baroque style. When Ronnie ran out of breath (which happened more quickly, she noted, with the longer billige louis vuitton handtaschen words and phrases), she interrupted again, before he could start another rampage.I do not care that you do not like horses, or riding, or that none of your set consider hunting a reasonable or enjoyable pastime. It's... ah... zero point three. Of first-sig nom, that is -Which is... ? prompted Heris; she could feel temper edging higher.Well, the book says one point eight, but this system's never worked any better'n one point six, just under first-sig. Mostly we run about two sigs below, say about point seven or so. System's underutilized, so it's not that important. It's rated for a population of fifty, and we don't have that many aboard.Heris closed her eyes briefly, running over the relevant equations in her head. Sulfur clearance was only one of the major cycles, but critical to the ship's welfare because errors could not only make people sick, but degrade www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de many ship components as well. Delicate com equipment didn't like active sulfur radicals in the ship's atmosphere. She added ship's crew, house staff, and owner's family.
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