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I can survive that. Meet me for dinner, then; I'll want a report. Twenty hundred, local time. Six hours; they'd just have started, really. Heris had counted on supervising them closely all through the first shift. louis vuitton But she could come report, and return quickly. She would not have to stay for a meal, she was sure.Of course, milady. I'll be at the maintenance access as you leave; please have Bates call when the staff has cleared the ship.Very well.Heris gave her crew a stern look. Mr. Gavin, you and Environmental will suit and observe the first shift. The rest of you are booked into transient crew quarters less than fifteen minutes from here; I expect you all to stay available. We'll have at least two crew aboard the ship at all times, and you'll rotate. A stir, no more; they knew better than to protest by now.Have you confirmed Station air supply to every compartment? she asked Gavin.To all but the owner's quarters, ma'am, he said. I was going to do that as soon as milady left the ship; computer says it's fine, but...Do that, then, while I go meet the refitters. Lady Cecelia is debarking now.She followed the crew off the ship, and met the crew chief of the refitters in louis vuitton online shop the maintenance access. He and his workers already wore pressure suits to protect themselves from contamination and carried helmets tucked under their arms. By the sudden flicker of his eyelids, she saw that he recognized her origins.I'm Captain Serrano, she said. And you're...Her sulky pilot had the helm, his narrow brow furrowed. She put on her own headset and listened in. He was giving voice confirmation to the data already sent by computer: the Sweet Delight's registration, destination, planned route, beacon profiles, insurance coverage. Heris caught his eye, and pointed to herself - she'd take over that tedious chore. The lists of required items came up on her command screen. Why an officer of an outbound vessel had to confirm by voice the closing of each account opened during a Station visit, each time repeating the authorization number of the bank involved, she could not fathom - but so it was, and had been, time out of mind. Even on her own cruiser someone had been required to formally state that each account was paid in full. It could take hours, with a big ship; here it was a minor chore.But it's not fair, he whined now. He had expected her to let them all travel with him, all twenty or so of his favorites among his fellow officers and their sweethearts of both sexes. She ignored that, smiled at her new captain, thinking, Don't you dare laugh at me, you little blot, and called Bates to take the captain to her quarters. And away she went, impossibly bright-eyed for this hour of the morning (no adolescent partying had disturbed her sleep), her trim figure making the girls in the room look like haggard barflies. Which they weren't, really. It was terrible what girls did these days, but these were decent girls, of reasonably nice families. It awoke, she contended, the sleepy palates which the roast had soothed and satisfied. Crisp rounds of a distant descendant of potato followed, each centered billige louis vuitton handtaschen with a rosette of pureed prawns. The trick, which no one but her own cook seemed to manage, was to have the slices of potato boiled slightly before roasting, so that the outer surfaces were almost crunchy but the inside mealy. The young people, she noted, took additional servings of potato as they had of the roast fowl. Finally, Bates brought in tiny flaky pastries stuffed with finely diced fruit in chocolate and cinnamon sauce. One each, although Cecelia knew that a few would be waiting for her later, safely hidden from the young people.Satiety slowed them down, she noticed, nibbling her own pastry with deliberate care. They looked as if they wanted to throw themselves back in deep chairs and lounge. Not in my dining room, she thought, and smiled. The elegant but uncomfortable chairs that Berenice's designer had foisted on her had their purpose after all.He'd expected his friends to rally around him, support him, do what he wanted... and here they were swapping stories of his old maiden aunt.Does everyone hunt together? he asked Buttons. If he couldn't avoid the topic of horses, at least he could get the conversation away from his aunt.How many horses does your father have, anyway?To answer your first question, no. There are three hunts out of the main house, where we'll be. Each has its own territory. We'll each be assigned to one of them, depending on riding ability. As for horses... many thousands, I suppose, altogether. The main house stables will hold five www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de hundred, though we won't use that many. Hunters, hacks, young horses in training. Ronnie tried to imagine five hundred horses in the same place, and failed. The Academy had had ten, for the training of its young officers, and he had no idea what a hack was. He was not about to ask.We don't hunt every day, Bubbles put in. Some people do, but most ride out on alternate days. Particularly in the lower hunts, where they're not as good and get really stiff.I'll get really stiff, Raffa and Sarah said together, like a chorus.Isn't there anything else but hunting? Ronnie asked, hoping he didn't sound as desperate as he felt.There are other kinds of hunting, Buttons said. Not all of it's on horseback. You can shoot grouse and pheasant, that sort of thing. It's the wrong season for fishing in the nearby streams. Indoors - well, the things my father assumes were normal indoor sports of the time: billiards, cards, amateur theatricals.Oh... dear. Worse then he'd imagined. Worse than his mother had imagined, he was sure. Traveling with a wealthy aunt on her private yacht had seemed like a good idea when his mother mentioned it. Perhaps he'd have been better off going to some dull assignment in an out-of-the-way base. At least it wouldn't have had fox hunting, and his work might have kept him busy part of the time.
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