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It was obvious that big money was at stake on the tables.When they left the casino, Bat and Glenda stepped outside for a breath of the gentle tropical air, warm and heavy with moisture and the odors of tropical flowers. The strident beat of cacophonous Latin music drifted to the Riviera from a club not far away, Then suddenly a jarring sound came to their ears: the sharp, harsh crack of gunfire, followed by the signature rip of an automatic weapon. The firing lasted about ten seconds, then the night was quiet again except for the persistent music.Angie sat at a table in the coffee shop of the Flamingo facing a man who had once been her brother-in-law. Eddie Latham. Jerry's brother. Seven years younger than Jerry, he was just thirty-one, and he looked like Jerry, though Jerry had been louis vuitton only twenty-five when he was killed in the Normandy Invasion. Eddie had been only fourteen when she saw him last, not long before she was arrested."Ma died a couple years ago," said Eddie. "She always thought you ought to've kept in touch.""Maybe I should have," said Angie. "But she didn't keep in touch either. I was in jail three months in Manhattan. She came to see me once. I was in the reformatory thirty-nine months, and I got two letters from her. Anyway, I'm sorry you lost her, Eddie. How old was she?""She was sixty-four. Had a bad heart the last few years.""So why have you come to www.2013louisvuittononlineshop.de see me?" Angie asked."I'd have looked you up a long, long time ago if I could've found you," he said. "I always thought Jerry married the prettiest girl in town. After Jerry was killed, I got the crazy idea I'd go to West Virginia and meet you when you came out of the slammer. But guess where I was: at Fort Dix, drafted, taking basic training. "Yeah. But if she's around too much when things are happening, she'll get to know too much about our business. I don't want her to know anything. From a lifetime's experience, I tell you: Keep your business life and your sex life separate. Okay?""What if I told you I might marry her?""I'd think you'd lost your mind," Jonas said, total scorn in his voice. "Like your sister. She says she might marry that bum Parrish. I tried to talk her into going into a drying-out clinic, and she won't do it. Hey! I can't cover all these bases. Use the kind of smarts in your personal life that you do in business.""What Jo-Ann needs is a job," said Bat. "She doesn't want to live on an allowance. She needs responsibility ... and purpose. I'd like to give her a job with Cord Productions, say in advertising or maybe public relations.""No," louis vuitton said Jonas. "Not if she marries Parrish. Not until she dries out." "She mentioned the Lorena Pastor column," said Bat. "How did Angie react to that?""Angie's realistic," said Jonas. "And if your personal life is none of my business, mine's none of yours."2Angie loved the black Porsche that Jonas had given her for Christmas in 1952. The hotel garage kept it washed and waxed, and she liked to go for drives in the desert. She'd had it up to 125 miles per hour and had sensed it had more in it when she eased off on the accelerator. Once she'd been chased by a Nevada highway patrolman, and he had simply given up after a few miles. He was getting all he could out of his special police Ford, and she was opening more distance between them. He knew who she was and meant only to give her a warning anyway, so he pulled off the road, and when she passed louis vuitton online shop him on her way back to town, he just blinked his lights, and she blinked hers playfully.Usually she drove alone, though sometimes Jonas rode with her. Today Morris Chandler sat in the right seat.
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