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On a Sunday evening they sat on the deck, in the faint purple-orange light of a sun that had already disappeared below the Pacific horizon. They had Scotches and some cheese with crackers."I've got to fly back to Las Vegas tomorrow," said Bat."Again?""It is my business, you know. The Seven Voyages.""Your business is being the producer of our show," said Glenda. "Sam's having trouble selling it. We may have to do some reshooting.""I'm president of Cord Hotels," said Bat. "We bought land south of Flamingo Road. My louis vuitton 2013 father is flying in tomorrow. We're meeting with the architect.""A second Cord hotel," she mused. "What will you call it?""Well, since our airline is Inter-Continental, we may call the hotel Intercontinental - with a capital C in the middle.""Plus you own the place in Cuba.""Not really. We lease the casino and show room in the Floresta. We have nothing to do with the hotel operation.""Bat - " She stared out to sea, abruptly shook her head, and didn't finish what she had started to say."What's the matter, baby?"She turned her face toward him. "Bat. Be careful. There are some rough types in Las Vegas.""That's something else I've got to look into. Our man Chandler seems to have too many friends among those rough types.""Why don't you get rid of him?" she asked."We keep him busy, which gives him less opportunity to make mischief. Chandler shrugged. "We may be able to find some advantage in one or more of those things.""We can call down strikes on their heads," said Hoffa. "They can't build louis vuitton taschen online shop their Intercontinental Vegas without- ""Let's hold that idea in abeyance. Jimmy," said Vulcano. "The other ideas Brother Morris has just mentioned may prove the better solution. Crude tactics are not acceptable when foxy tactics will do as well.""Let's have a means and a means, Don Carlo," said Hoffa, picking up the expression the don himself had used. "One of the things Maurie's thought up and my idea in reserve.""Don't call me Maurie," said Chandler coldly.Hoffa grinned. "Don't worry about it, buddy," said Hoffa. "You're the best-connected guy I ever heard of, whatever we call you.""Gentlemen," said Vulcano. "We are in agreement. Before we go back aboard that uncomfortable little airplane, I want to enjoy billige louis vuitton handtaschen a nice steak, a nice bottle of wine, and one of those nice girls who are eyeing us and looking for an invitation to join us at this table."2 "Goddammit, I said no. I told you I didn't want Jo-Ann on our payroll- ""Until she dried out," Bat interrupted. "Well, she dried out. I made her commit herself to a drying-out clinic, and she stayed there for a month.""What makes you think she won't go right back to her old habits?" Jonas asked."She might very well do just that if nobody gives her a chance," said Bat."You should have checked with me first.""What good is it to be number-two man in the company if I can't hire a public relations girl?""It's not a business matter," said Jonas. "It's a personal matter, a family matter.""Are you telling me to butt out of family matters?""She's my daughter!""She's my sister.""Half sister."I HAD SUPPOSED THIS GIRL WAS OUR FRIEND. SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH AND SHE TALKS TOO MUCH. REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ABOUT TELLING YOUR WOMEN ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.She sat across from him at his desk in the Chrysler Building. His desk was a big table, actually, and behind it, instead of a credenza, sat two handsome rolltop desks. It was in Bat's nature to live with clutter on his desk but also to like to hide the clutter by closing the rolltops. The www.billigevuittononlineshop.de teletype machine his father used to send him messages from Las Vegas stood in a corner. It was chattering away now, printing some query or complaint from Jonas. He seemed not even to notice it. When it stopped he didn't get up to see what message had arrived.Toni was more beautiful than ever. At thirty-one, she had gained no weight; she was if anything maybe slightly thinner than before. Her heavy breasts swelled provocatively under the white silk of her blouse. He hadn't touched them for a very long time. The thought made him draw a deep, tense breath.
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