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She was naked now. So was he. He stood facing her. She reached up and touched his mammoth penis, then tipped her head to beckon him to sit down beside her. He sat down and began to fondle her breasts."We're gonna have a good time," Glenda said softly. "We don't need the Cords. We're gonna have a good time!""Damn right we are," he said. "A good time. Both of us have been screwed by the Cords - more ways than one.""Anybody's been screwed by you's been screwed," she said, squeezing him gently to be sure he was rigid and ready. "So, c'mon. Make me the envy of every girl in California."He kissed her on the neck louis vuitton taschen online shop and ran his hands over her body one more time. He nodded. " 'Kay," he grunted.Glenda scooted across the bed, lay down on her back, and spread her legs. He mounted her and slowly shoved his oversized organ into her until she groaned in protest. He pulled back a little but then began strokes, each one invading her a little more deeply. She moaned and whimpered - but only softly - and he continued until his belly touched hers and all of him was inside her. 4Jack Kennedy remained astride Toni, though he had withdrawn from her and his drooping penis gleamed with their fluids."Would Dr. Maxim and Morgana be angry if they knew about this?" he asked."Morgana'd be disappointed if we didn't," said Toni. "She'll be a delegate for you, and she'll lead other delegates.""What about, uh, Jonas Cord the Third?""Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. I don't ask you- ""No, you don't, and I appreciate that, Toni." This was the third time they had been together this way, and each time it had been a completely satisfying experience, made more satisfying by their mutual understanding that they did it honestly: for the pleasure of the moment, with no thought of any kind of commitment. He was a handsome, personable, virile man, and her pleasure in him was enhanced by her hunch that one day she would look back on these hours and be glad she had fucked with one of the century's preeminent leaders, maybe even a President.Another reason for their satisfaction was the certainty www.louisvuittontaschenshop-2013.de that they could trust each other."What can I do for you, Toni?" he asked."Uhhmm ..." She chuckled. "You've done quite enough, thank you."He grinned broadly, showing his teeth. "I had something, uh, different in mind. A different kind of thing. I mean- ""Jack ... I'm not from Massachusetts. You don't have to do me favors.""You've done some very nice favors for me," he said."Meaning I did something I didn't enjoy so you could enjoy it?" she asked. Don't you have money in that?""So far, we don't have any money in that. Lansky has secured financing through others. He'd like for us to buy out one of his partners. It would give him more respectability.""Your father asked me to contact our Uncle Fulgencio and ask him to be certain Lansky gets all the necessary licenses and permissions.""That might be helpful," said Bat. "Lansky has a good relationship with Uncle Fulgencio, but I'm not sure it's good enough."Sonja took a sip of the icy vodka. "I will fly to Havana on my way back to Mexico," she said. "I am going to tell you something, however. I'll put in a good word for your friend Lansky. I louis vuitton strongly advise you, even so, not to invest any more money in Cuba.""Why?""You'll lose it."Bat touched his mouth with one finger. "You take seriously the - "She nodded. "The whole thing is a house of cards. Our uncle may be dead in a year. If he's lucky, he'll be in exile. He is not bright. He steals too much. Cuba looks brilliantly prosperous.Bat had grinned. "You are irrepressible," he had said.Jonas had laughed. "Damn right."His father had given him authority to make the changes he had recommended; but, as he had expected, the older man looked over his shoulder every minute and intervened regularly. He won his father's approval often, but it was never unqualified approval. There was always some little thing that could have been done better.For example-"You passed up an opportunity. Lucky I saw it.""What are you talking about?" Bat asked."Cord Aircraft.""What the hell? You agreed to phase it out. I got eight million five for the plant and machinery, most of it obsolete. Sold the whole works to Phoenix Aircraft. Everybody I know says I got a damned good deal. We're out of the airplane business, and we got eight and a half louis vuitton online shop million cash."Jonas shook his head. "Well, you don't know anything about airplanes. You know what I did with the eight and a half million?"Bat shook his head. "I'm afraid to ask."
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